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BUTLERS, the family company founded in 1999, is a German lifestyle brand with 1,000 employees. The assortment composing of home accessories, furniture, decoration and gifts is presented in more than 100 stores as well as online in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and at 33 franchise locations also in other European countries. The company’s domicile is Cologne. The medium-sized enterprise has already won numerous awards for its innovative concept.


BUTLERS – is the brand for guests and hosts. The brand for all those, who are joyful and imaginative and who like to be inspired. These people will discover beautiful things and ideas around the laid table, for decorating, cooking, giving presents and living at home. Things that make their own life and that of others more special and that BUTLERS offers in good quality at an unbeatable price.

Short interview with Leonie Weigt & Vera Ader

leonie weigt Publitas

Leonie Weigt

Content and Campaign Specialist at BUTLERS

vera ader Publitas

Vera Ader

Senior E-Commerce Manager at BUTLERS

Why are you using online publications?

Vera Ader

“The biggest reason for us to use online publications is to connect the off- and online world to create an omnichannel experience for our customers. On the online side, we can enhance our user experience because the online catalog can be read anywhere and anytime. It’s also very interactive; with the eCommerce integration, we allow our customers to get more detailed information about desired products compared to the print catalogs.”


Leonie Weigt
“It helps us to reach out to a much broader audience. For example, people not living nearby our stores get a chance to read the catalog. And from an assortment kind of view, it’s beneficial that the catalog can be easily updated. For example, we often have to adjust our product assortment due to delivery delays. With your software, it’s effortless to adjust anything from the layout to the text. Last but not least, it’s a lot more sustainable than a printed magazine.”

Did you use any other online publications, tools, or software before?

Leonie Weigt

“Yes, we used other online publications before for our spring and summer catalogs and our Christmas booklet, for example.”


Why did you decide to use Publitas?

Vera Ader

“We compared various providers, but at the end of the day, Publitas was a no-brainer for us because of how mobile-optimized it is. 70% of our users visit our website by phone, so the candidate must be mobile-friendly. Publitas imitates the natural mobile scroll, which was our biggest reason to go with Publitas.”


Leonie Weigt

“Another great advantage is the very easy and automated SKU-tagging. We didn’t have to tag the publication manually, which saved us a lot of time.”


Vera Ader

“Yes, exactly. And also, we were convinced by the eCommerce integration because it made shopping for our customers as smooth as possible. We didn’t have to redirect them or have our users open a new tab, so we kept them on one side. Publitas’s dashboard is a great benefit as well.”


Leonie Weigt

“And let’s not forget about the excellent customer success. We’ve been supported amazingly throughout the journey from before to after the catalog launch. It feels like you guys at Publitas have the expertise on topics such as promoting the catalogs. That is also a great advantage.”

How satisfied are you with Publitas, and what stands out for you when working with Publitas?

Leonie Weigt

“The constant support and the fast and smooth communication. Also, your software is very easy and intuitive to use, so it doesn’t take much time to get used to it.”


Vera Ader

“Setting everything up was super easy. We want to get a bit more comprehensive onboarding on how to measure things, track performance, and the E-commerce integration. We’re already excited for our next catalog, for which we have a bit more time in advance, so we’re looking forward to figuring out a strategic roadmap together regarding a good launch date and our marketing strategy.”

How has your business benefited by using online publications?

Leonie Weigt

“It helps collect customer data that we can use for further projects and catalogs. To give you an example, it allows us to see how long each customer views certain products, how they interact with our content, what parts specifically get their attention, just how many users in total visit the catalog, and much more. So, it helps for our internal knowledge sharing.”

“Another great advantage is that we can use interactive tools that help our customers understand products better by finding more detailed information if they want to because we can show the specifics of each article.”


“Finally, we can display if a product is available or not; delivery dates are often postponed, and then we can make a quick note to tell them that the product is currently unavailable but will be back in stock soon.”


Vera Ader

“Compared to print, with the online version, we can now gather information or data proving that the catalog is one of many touch points throughout our customer journey.”


“We see in how many transactions the catalog is part of the conversion funnel, which helps us justify bringing out more catalogs in the future.”


“Finally, it’s great for more of a branding aspect because we can display one of our core competencies to our online audience.”

How well is the online catalog received by your audience? Can you tell us anything about the results?

Vera Ader

“Compared to our online store, the average monthly users is very low. However, the average session duration is quite long: around four minutes. And we have an excellent bounce rate, about 3%.”

“On an average session, users look at 63 out of 106 pages, which is a lot.”


“So, in summary, the bounce rate is super low, the average pages per session are way higher than for the webshop, and the average session duration is pretty extensive for the catalog. Our users absorb the catalog and spend time looking at our products.”

How well does our service meet your company’s needs?

Leonie Weigt

“We match very well in terms of flexibility. I cannot stress enough that the software allows us to make quick adjustments that are often necessary. Secondly, you have the industry expertise we profit from, especially in the field of home and living. Thirdly, we feel like all of you form a very young and dynamic team.”


“You have a very inspiring and structured approach to work, with the dedication to making your end product the best possible. This is very encouraging and inspiring for us as well. Regarding bug fixing, we always got fast and efficient help from your IT side.”


Vera Ader
“For the future, we know that you have a lot of knowledge on how to promote the catalog on social media and other marketing features we can employ. We look forward to the continuous knowledge sharing with you and our customer success manager. We love to learn more about the platform, how we can track performance, and all the features we can use.”

Would you recommend Publitas, and if so, why?

Leonie Weigt

“With Publitas we feel like we’ve been working with ‘the one’ online publisher. With the most profound expertise in the field and the most developed product. We look forward to working with you again soon.”

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