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Close up of a mobile phone held in hand. The display shows a home decor catalog and a product page for a Brandy Dining Table (with add to cart button).

Create digital catalogs with a high-converting shopping experience

Use digital catalogs to build a dynamic and engaging online experience. Boost conversion with easy-to-add interactive elements such as GIFs, videos, shop now buttons, links, and more.

Boost sales with a digital catalog

Use digital catalogs to swiftly connect with a broader audience. Add interaction and shoppable elements to guide shoppers from discovery to conversion.

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Publitas is perfect for fashion catalogs, lifestyle catalogs, product catalogs, and any other type of publication.

3x your revenue from digital catalogs

How to create an online catalog in three easy steps

Our user-friendly online catalog maker requires no design or coding experience.


Whether you’re uploading a PDF, working with a template, or starting from scratch, the process is straightforward and efficient.

A digital catalog with arrows pointing towards various channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.

Convert your PDF catalog

Upload your catalog’s PDF file. Our editor will seamlessly transform it into an engaging, interactive catalog with turning pages.


Make your online catalog shoppable

Create a design template and theme to shape the visual style of your online catalog. Next, integrate your store’s product feed and add shopping links and add-to-cart buttons to make your catalog shoppable, enhancing the user experience.


Publish and distribute

Once finished, publish your digital catalog and use it on your owned media channels such as your website, app, email, WhatsApp, and social media channels.


Sharing across your channels will increase reach and boost engagement. Additionally, our platform also allows you to publish directly on affiliate platforms.

Going a step further — Create a dynamic catalog

Enhance your online publication strategy with dynamic digital catalogs. Publitas Dynamic offers templates to create digital catalogs from your product inventory feed. Publitas Dynamic includes rule-based settings that keep your prices and product availability up-to-date, so you never promote out-of-stock products or show incorrect pricing again. Streamline your digital catalog creation, saving your team hours (or days) of work.


From static PDF to
online catalog

Front page of MOMA's Fall/Holiday 2023 digital catalog. Showing an orange chair on a green floor, and tables that look like abstract humans.

Optimized grid in
digital catalog

A mockup of a grid layout that has yet to be filled with products.

Automated catalog creation and distribution

Top: A modal window with rules such as: Product Category contains Outdoor Seating. Bottom: A catalog page is generated showing outdoor seating products.

Take advantage of our 17 years of experience with digital catalogs


Benefits included with our catalog software

Mobile friendly

Your digital catalog displays seamlessly across all screen sizes, from tablets to smartphones.

Data & insights

Use our data dashboards to gather insights on user behavior. Track your KPIs and gather the insights you need to enhance your digital catalogs.

On brand

Add your brand details and assets to our catalog software and ensure all your catalogs have the same professional look.

Shoppable products

Add a hotspot or button to each product so shoppers can have a smooth shopping experience.


Use page templates to save frequently used design blocks and reuse them indefinitely. Accelerate your publishing process up to 10x.

World-class support

We help you get the most out of your online catalogs and share insights gained from working with retailers for 17+ years.

What customers say

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"With the launch of our digital catalogs we’re reaching more people early on in the discovery phase of shopping and we generate more relevant traffic."
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Peter Scholtes
Media Markt
"It's easier for our customers to move from inspiration to purchase. Online magazine readers outperform the website average when it comes to conversion."
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Carmen Smeets
Expresso Fashion
"The biggest reason for us to use online publications is to connect the off- and online world to create an omnichannel experience for our customers."
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Leonie Weigt

Frequently asked questions

Catalogs have long been a classic method for showcasing products and services. However, digital catalogs go far beyond their printed counterparts. They present products in a digital medium and provide an interactive experience with features such as links, tags, and product labels, enhancing the user’s engagement.

Regardless of your product range, from Aldi’s products on discount to MoMa’s diverse design gift offering, a catalog is essential for showcasing your offerings attractively. It is a powerful tool that combines text and imagery to convey detailed information about your products, enabling customers to make well-informed purchasing choices.

The goal is to transform your readers into fans and purchasers! Concentrate on effectively showcasing your products or services and assisting your customers in their decision-making process. Your catalog should feature images of the items you offer, detailed product descriptions, and pricing. However, to truly leverage the capabilities of a digital catalog, you can incorporate videos, clickable purchase links, and more. Utilizing the Publitas online catalog platform simplifies this process, saving you hours or even days in design and creation.

Digital catalogs are usually your best choice! Digital catalogs offer interactivity, flexibility, cost and time savings in creation and distribution, and eco-friendliness over traditional printed catalogs. Digital catalogs stand out significantly. Also, you receive data from a digital catalog, something you will not receive while distributing a print catalog. Furthermore, you can seamlessly integrate digital catalogs into your website and distribute them via email, social media, WhatsApp, and affiliate platforms. Another benefit is they are designed for mobile use, ensuring your customers have access to them anytime and anywhere!

You can create a digital catalog on Publitas using a PDF that is a maximum of 300 MB. The number of pages you can upload is unlimited.

Our digital catalog software lets you publish directly on your website and share it via email and social media (including WhatsApp). It also ensures your catalog is mobile-optimized through vertical scrolling for perfect viewing and easy navigation on any device. This flexibility allows you to reach your audience effectively, wherever they are. We also have partnerships with many affiliate platforms to ensure you can directly publish your digital catalog on their platform.

We love to help you create beautiful digital catalogs

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