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“While there are many publication platforms available, and we have looked at a few in the past, I was quite impressed with Publitas above others. From features and functionality, user interface, and experience to technical and customer support, Publitas has been simply wonderful to use and quite professional to deal with. Since investing in Publitas, our design time has been cut down by more than 60%, and our product brochures and presentations are richer and more engaging. While most platform deployments and integrations are marked by how excruciating they are to get off the ground and deploy, Publitas, for us, has been marked by how it incredibly isn’t.”

Pranav Keluskar
Brand & Marketing at D'decor Home Fabrics

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“The Publitas platform has helped us transform our publication strategy by enabling us to switch from hard copy to digital publications. Our digital publication serves as both a lead generation asset, capturing email addresses for potential customers, and a creative asset for our email campaigns.

We utilize our digital publications in two key ways: Firstly, for our extensive seasonal art collection catalog. With Publitas’s hotspot technology, we seamlessly link featured art to our website, enhancing user experience and boosting conversions. The ability to transfer hotspots between publications makes updates and creating multiple publications a breeze. Secondly, Publitas helps us create inspiring and captivating Lookbooks featuring images of our art placed contextually in rooms within the home. This inspires customers and facilitates easy decoration decisions. Publitas’s user-friendly interface and powerful features have exceeded our expectations, elevating our distribution strategies.”

Amitai Sasson
VP eCommerce

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“With Publitas, we can finally publish online publications in a simple way, where we enrich them with videos, slideshows, and other animations.”

Mandy Wulf
Online Marketing at Connox

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“The most important thing about Publitas is its customer service and the fact that they are always available with quick solutions whenever we need them.”

Danae Dermatis
Senior Digital Executive at AlphaMega

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“Online catalogs allow us to share our travel adventures and clothing line with a broad audience in a sustainable manner, anywhere at any time.”

Gary Penn
Head of eCommerce at PrAna

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“By using online catalogues, as well as reducing our environmental impact, we have been able to learn more about our customers, their needs and behaviour.”

Adriana Barbera
Head of Marketing & Communication at Anonima