Catalog data solutions - A graph showing catalog opens, page views, bounce rate, and a funnel graph that reports on opens, interactions, and purchases.

Get data actionable insights to improve the conversion rate of your digital catalogs

Our catalog data solutions for Enterprise companies help deliver actionable insights. Get access to dashboards, benchmarking, A/B testing, and other services to enhance your marketing strategy.

A short overview of our catalog data solutions

ecommerce data funnel

Track your KPIs through the marketing funnel

Analyze everything from click to purchase.

Understand exactly how well your strategy is working by following your users along their conversion journey. These insights allow you to optimize your conversion funnel at key stages, increasing purchases and revenue.

Illustration showing insights such as CTR is 20% lower than benchmark and actions such as increase size of hotspots.

Turn numbers into insights

There will always be a large amount of data available, but the key lies in transforming this data into valuable insights. Partner with us to convert raw numbers into actionable insights, leading to clear steps for enhancing the performance of your Digital Catalogs.

A mockup digital catalog benchmark report showing for example that 11% more pages are read than average.

Benchmark against direct competitors

Go deeper than broad industry benchmarks. Get personalized benchmark reports that rank your data against direct competitors. The reports include context and identification of areas of improvement.

Optimized digital catalog grid and an arrow showing +18% CTR.

Improve catalog results through A/B testing

Improve catalog performance and learn what works.

Our expert Data Consultants will work with you to provide the insights and best practices needed to form hypotheses and set up tests. They will also help you analyze your Digital Catalog KPIs to develop strategic suggested outcomes and ensure your future catalogs drive better results.

Our team has worked on valuable A/B tests such as grid layout optimization, mobile performance, and testing the impact of using interactive media.

Gall & Gall mobile optimization

We ran several A/B tests to improve the mobile design for a liquor store flyer. Here are the results:

publitas gall gall mobile optimization case v2 Publitas

Get actionable insights to make your digital catalogs successful today.

Popular integrations

Our catalog data solutions play well with third-party analytic platforms. Here are a few data integrations we typically see among our customers.

Google analytics logo and two gears hooking into each other

GA4 Integration with our Digital Catalog Creator

Integrating your digital catalog with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) allows you to track and analyze data from your digital catalog alongside other website data. This provides you with a holistic view of your online performance and, empowers you to make data-driven decisions that optimize your catalog’s performance.

Matomo logo and two gears hooking into each other

Matomo Analytics data tracking integration

Set and track events within your digital catalogs through Matomo Analytics. Track important catalog data like visits, visit duration, number of pages viewed, click outs to your website or store, and conversions. Add custom dimensions in order to filter on publication or page number.

Hotjar logo and two gears hooking into each other

Integrate with Hotjar

Easily integrate Hotjar into your publications and receive data on how users are experiencing your catalogs.

As visual insight data has become a game-changer in the retail industry, providing invaluable insights that can fuel your growth and performance is a must-have.

Get actionable insights to make your digital catalogs successful today

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