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A scalable publication solution for large retail organizations.

Publitas Enterprise combines a powerful platform and strategic partnership to support your team with digital publications on a global scale. Backed by our team of experts, we build digital catalogs to your requirements.


Engage shoppers through personalized publications

With dynamic content, you can quickly and easily populate a publication with products matching shoppers’ data points. Utilize your data to create personal digital publications.

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Publish more frequently without adding headcount

Automatically tag products based on SKUs by connecting your product feed to Publitas. By automating part of the process, your teams save hours per publication. Publish more without the need to hire more people.

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Monitor results and make changes based on data

Analyze behavioral data to identify best-performing products and promotions and enrich your CRM with more customer data. Run A/B tests to optimize your catalog performance.

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What Publitas Enterprise customers say

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"With online catalogs, we have seen record-high customer engagement and sales, and we're reaching a wider audience who otherwise wouldn't receive our catalog."
moma ursula milan Publitas
Ursula Milan
E-Commerce Technology at MoMa
"We particularly value the regular exchange meetings with our Customer Success Manager, where we analyze performance, get learnings, are informed about new features and possibilities, and are equipped with many best practices. This gives us plenty of ideas for future publications."
mandy wulf Publitas
Mandy Wulf
Online Marketing at Connox
"The Platform is super simple. Everybody who works with it masters it in no time. The service is fantastic, and technological developments never stop."
esther de reus Publitas
Esther de Reus
Content Manager at Gall & Gall

From static PDF to fully automated catalog

Get rid of your static PDF catalogs, and promote your brand through eye-catching digital publications. Optimized with templates, interactive via GIFs, video, and hotspots, and always up-to-date, so you never promote out-of-stock products or show incorrect pricing.


From static PDF to
online catalog

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Optimized grid in
digital catalog

A mockup of a grid layout that has yet to be filled with products.

Automated catalog creation and distribution

publitas product generation rules to fill dynamic grid Publitas

Get access to 17 years of experience in digital catalogs

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Why organizations choose Publitas

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"With the launch of our digital catalogs, we’re reaching more people early in the discovery phase of shopping, and we generate more relevant traffic."
Headshot of Peter Scholtes
Peter Scholtes
Online Marketing Manager at Media Markt