Product layer in an online catalog on tablet.

Turn shoppers into buyers.

Online catalogs are easily distributed throughout your marketing channels. With Publitas Enterprise, these catalogs become interactive & shoppable. This enables you to easily share your brand’s shopping experience on online channels other than your online store.

  • Product overlay. Improve the shopping experience by providing extra product details inside the catalog.

  • Shopping cart. Streamline the customer journey by allowing shoppers to add products to the cart directly from the catalog.

Produce relevant & personalized content faster.

With Dynamic Content, you can quickly and easily populate a template with products from your feed.

  • Bring down costs and publish more frequently.

  • Keep your content relevant and up-to-date.

  • Make use of real-time personalization.

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Catalog on mobile phone, products populated from database.

Gain actionable insights.

The catalog is a top-of-funnel data gold mine. Leverage this data on other marketing channels and improve your catalogs.

Gain insights from our ready-to-use Google Analytics dashboards.

Connect the catalog to your DMP to enrich shopper profiles.

Easily connect with third-party analytics tools such as Adobe Analytics.

A crazy fast & reliable platform.

Catalogs published with Publitas are used by millions of people each month from all over the world. We can handle the load.


Uptime in the last 12 months.


Monthly readers.


Monthly page views.

Save valuable time with integration & automation.

Our platform is easy to set up, yet provides the flexibility required for Enterprise organizations.

Manage workflow

Manage and automate a large number of products, brands, users, and regions.

  • Set up multiple brands with individual settings (e.g. domain, localization & product feed).
  • Add unlimited user accounts with different roles and permissions.
  • Automatically tag the products in your catalogs through SKU tagging.
  • Easily prepare catalogs for multiple regions or languages with our smart duplication tools.

Integrate tools

Make sure Publitas neatly fits within the infrastructure your company is built on.

  • Use our API to create custom integrations or to automate mass catalog publishing.
  • Inject HTML or JavaScript code snippets to connect 3rd party tools and create customizations.
  • Use RSS feeds to create an overview of your catalogs or to publish within a mobile app.

Benefit from a strategic partnership.

We help you get the most out of your online catalogs and share insights gained from working with retail for 10+ years.

Illustration of Publitas employees as a support team.

  • Services. Ranging from integration to full-service production. We can help you get your online catalogs going.

  • Customer Support. We do our best to make sure that you don’t need our support at all. But for the rare cases that you do, we promise to give you the amazing service you deserve.

  • Dedicated Success Manager. One of our experts will proactively engage with you and help you maximize the performance of your catalogs.

Save Money, Save the Environment.

The online catalog can contribute to your sustainability goals while also saving costs on print catalog production.

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Getting started is easy.

You can get up and running with an Enterprise plan in no time. Here's how it works:

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  3. Our team will set up an account with the Enterprise plan.
  4. You can then use your account for a live pilot, free of charge.
  5. We'll help you get the best out of your pilot.
  6. Continue using Publitas if you like the results.
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