Benefits that Enterprise users love.

E-commerce integration

Improve the shopping experience and increase conversion by integrating with your online store.

Measure conversion

Custom scripts for analytics allow you to accurately measure conversion rates per source.


Save time by automatically uploading and publishing your publications to specific pages on your site.

Group management

Manage multiple brands or labels in one account.

A fast & reliable platform.

Publications created with Publitas are used by millions of people each month from all over the world.


Uptime in the last 12 months.


Monthly readers.


Monthly page views.

A brief overview of our Enterprise only features.

Shopping cart


Allow your customers to shop straight from your publication by integrating the product pages and the shopping cart from your online store.

Dynamic publications


Publish more frequently with Dynamic publications that are automatically generated from your product inventory.

Personalized promotions


Tailored to your customers’ demands in real-time, you can show the right products, to the right shoppers, at the right time and get happier customers that buy more.

Manage multiple brands


Use groups to manage multiple brands or labels in one account. Each group can have its own settings, URLs, custom domain, branding options, Google Analytics and product feed integrations.

Team management


Add multiple users to your account. Each user has their own login credentials and can be set up as either an admin or a user.

Track original source


When online publications drive traffic to your online store, seeing Publitas as the referrer in your analytics platform does not always tell the whole story. This is why we’ve made it possible to track the original source of your traffic (e.g. an affiliate site or one of your email campaigns). We do this by automatically taking the URL parameters (e.g. UTM tags) from your publication’s URL and adding them to all the links in your publication.

Access our API


Use our Viewer APIs to create custom integrations or use our REST API to automate mass PDF conversions, scheduling and publishing. View our API documentation here.

RSS feed


Get an RSS feed of all your publications. You can use this to create an overview of your publications on a website or to publish your publications within a mobile app.

Code injection


Inject HTML or JavaScript code snippets in the head of your publications to integrate 3rd party tools or to create your own customizations.

Hundreds of retail brands use Publitas.

Mac with life buoy to show Publitas account managers will help enterprise users.

A dedicated account manager at your service.

One of our account managers is always ready to help and answer your questions. Your account manager will also review your account once every quarter to make sure you’re getting the most out of your online publications. We do this by checking whether you're using our newest features that are also relevant for your company and offering tips to increase the exposure and conversion of your publications. If we have any valuable insights from other Enterprise customers that are similar to your company, we'll gladly share those with you too.

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