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Publitas and Issuu are both leading SaaS platforms for digital publications. However, Publitas focuses on retail and wholesale, whereas Issuu has a broader target audience.


Furthermore, when choosing the right platform for your brand and product, it’s essential to consider critical features and how they will benefit your bottom line. Things such as:


  • Digital-first dynamic content creation,
  • Interactive and rich media options,
  • E-commerce integration,
  • Mobile vertical scroll navigation,
  • Custom branding,
  • Wishlist items from publication,
  • Product personalization.


Publitas specializes in these advanced features while also being best-in-class for simple PDF upload and publishing.


Our platform empowers retailers with robust Discovery Commerce capabilities, driving increased digital catalog engagement, conversions, and revenue. Make an informed decision by comparing the features and benefits of Publitas versus Issuu, and choose the digital catalog solution that best aligns with your brand’s unique requirements for online success.


Publitas was founded in 2006 and is a leading B2B SaaS platform enabling businesses to provide seamless shopping experiences through Discovery Commerce, Digital Catalogs, and Shoppable Media. The user-friendly platform reaches 60+ million shoppers monthly and enables brands to create interactive and engaging online shopping journeys that inspire visitors and drive sales.

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Founded in 2006, Issuu is where the world’s most innovative and growth-oriented content creators publish digitally. As the industry’s leading digital publishing platform, they give publishers the tools to deliver over 5 billion page views each month to the 80+ million readers who care most about their content. Issuu helps publishers find, understand, monetize and grow a massive global audience on any device — while helping readers all over the world discover, enjoy and share new content. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Issuu is backed by Sunstone Capital and KDDI.

Photo of homepage ISSUU showing: Bring your files to life drag & drop or upload file.

What Publitas offers as Issuu alternative

So how do Publitas and Issuu rank in a direct comparison? We have listed the main features below to compare both solutions on features and capabilities.

Feature Publitas Issuu
External links
Video content (Youtube, MP4, Vimeo)
Image/GIF content
Custom branding
Multi-brand account structure
Advanced analytics solutions
API Access
Publication scheduling
Dedicated success manager
SEO optimization
Integration with GA4
Custom domain with free SSL
Shoppable content via product overlays
Sync product info from online store
Auto-detect products based on SKU tags
Custom solutions
A/B testing
Shopping cart
Dynamic products, pricing, and availability
Automated SKU tags
Shoppable video and images
3rd party ads

What people have to say after they have used both Publitas and Issuu

“I uploaded a document for clients, and on Issuu it looked terrible. It was super small and hard to read. Very clunky. I was thrilled when I uploaded it to Publitas - it looks fantastic. So thanks!”
natalie chiles Publitas
Natalie Chiles
“In my opinion, Publitas had by far the most minimalist and clean design. This was useful in my case, as I work in a design-related field and need PDFs to stand out on their own without all the visual pollution around them.”
nicolay boyadjiev Publitas
Nicolay Boyadjiev
Architectural Designer
“I needed something to show off my brochure that was like Issuu, but just about my brochure and not other publications. I also prefer how yours looks! Way more intuitive and prettier!”
daniel hughes Publitas
Daniel Hughes

How to choose the best solution for creating and publishing digital retail catalogs?

Choosing the best platform for digital retail catalogs can be difficult. Many possibilities, tools, and platforms are available — each offering different solutions.


Whatever platform you choose, it’ll have to offer the features and solutions that support you in meeting your revenue goals and digital catalog creation needs.


Let’s examine some essential requirements and helpful questions for evaluating your options.

Essential features for digital retail catalogs

At a minimum, a digital retail catalog requires the following features:

  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Flip & slide effect
  • Easy to navigate
  • Create your catalog from PDF, product feed, or Excel sheet
  • Add hotspots (product, video, link, etc.)
  • Add interactive and shoppable images and videos
  • Connection with GA4 (or other analytics platforms)
  • eCommerce integration
  • Reliable hosting
  • Accessibility (ADA compliant)
  • ISO27001 certification
  • Search engine optimized
  • Knowledge base and support team

Questions for choosing a digital retail catalog platform

You can easily start with Publitas through a free trial.


To create a publication you can use the following steps:

  • Upload your file
  • Add hotspots (Silver plan or higher)
  • Connect your product feed & add product hotspots (Gold or Enterprise plan)
  • Add SEO details
  • Setup Analytics
  • Launch!

Publitas has integrations tailored to the retail and eCommerce industry. We integrate with Shopify, GA4, Matomo, Adobe, Bynder, and more. View all our integrations here.

  • Import and update product feed
  • SKU tagging
  • Shopping cart

Yes, you can try our Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans 14 days for free without needing to enter credit card details. If you are interested in an Enterprise plan, our team is happy to help you tailor the solution to your needs.

There are no data traffic fees for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans. On the Enterprise plan, there might be a variable cost depending on your usage. Contact us to learn more about the data traffic fees for the Enterprise plan.

Why organizations choose Publitas

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