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Publish your PDFs in a beautiful and clean viewer. Ad free and without related publications.


Publitas lets your publications stand out on their own

We’ve created a beautiful viewer that keeps users engaged with your publications.
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With issuu Basic, many elements surround your publication.

publitas free Publitas

With Publitas we focus on large and clean content.

Clean & responsive design

We’ve created a viewer that puts your publication center stage. We don’t want to ruin it with annoying buttons or other distractions and we aim to show your content as large as possible. As a result, we keep your readers engaged with your publication instead of its surroundings.

No related publications

We won't clutter your publication with other related publications. The focus of your readers will be on your content rather than on other publisher’s publications that might steal or offend your readers.

Ad free

We guarantee an ad free experience for your readers when browsing through your publications. We do not want to clutter your carefully crafted content with ads or confuse your readers with misleading popups.

What people have to say about our clutter-free approach

I uploaded a document for clients, and on Issuu it looked terrible, it was super small and hard to read. Very clunky. I was thrilled when I uploaded it to Publitas – it looks fantastic. So thanks!”

natalie chiles Publitas

Natalie Chiles

In my opinion Publitas had by far the most minimalist and clean design. This was useful in my case, as I work in a design related field and need pdfs to stand out on their own without all the visual pollution around them.”

nicolay boyadjiev Publitas

Nicolay Boyadjiev
Architectural Designer

I needed something to show off my brochure that was like issuu but just about my brochure and not other publications. I also prefer how yours looks! Way more intuitive and prettier!”

daniel hughes Publitas

Daniel Hughes

Want to give Publitas a go?

Blazing fast and reliable

Our publications load in under a second and are the fastest in the industry. With an uptime of 99.99% over the past 12 months, we are also the most reliable in delivering your PDF content. Your readers will notice and love the difference.

issuu vs. Publitas, 2015 Pingdom Report

issuu vs publitas downtime Publitas

issuu vs. Publitas, 2015 Pingdom Report

issuu vs publitas pagespeed Publitas

What people have to say about our loading speeds

The publication we uploaded loads a lot quicker (when viewed by our client) than a similar version in issuu.”

steve goodall Publitas

Steve Goodall
Senior Designer

I also noticed the speed. My readers have complained about speed in the past, and with Publitas, the documents load quickly.”

marcus fitzhugh Publitas

Marcus Fitzhugh

I think that Publitas’ design is so much more elegant than issuu. Everything loads much faster and the setup was very fast and easy.”

Issue alternative

Real in-publication shopping

While simple links to the products of your online store are nice, with Publitas you can help shoppers decide what to purchase by showing extra product information in a product overlay before sending them through to your online store.


Google Catalogs

Product overlay

With our product overlay, your customers get all the information they need without having to leave your publication. If they like what they see they can click through to your online store to purchase the item there. Check out this example to see what that looks like.

Save time by using a product feed

You can import your online store’s product feed (XML or TSV) so that all of your product information will be available in Publitas. This way you can save time making your publications shoppable as you don’t have to manually enter all your product information.

Some other reasons why users switched to Publitas

Easy PDF Download

Your readers can download your PDF without having to create a user account first. It's also possible to disable the PDF download option—your choice.

YouTube Videos

You can easily add YouTube videos to your publications starting from the Silver plan.