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The Tree-Free Catalog

The online catalog not only saves money for your organization, but also reduces paper waste & emissions.

The modern alternative: save money, save the environment.

We like to think of Publitas as the smart, tree-free alternative for print. A win-win, because it can help save a large investment from your organization on print, and—besides many other advantages—helps you reach your sustainability goals by reducing paper waste and emissions during distribution.

Shopper behavior has changed—better online experiences reduce the need for print.

Shoppers are doing the majority of their research online.

Online has become more embedded in our lives, and the online catalog plays into that. It opens up a lot more channels to engage with (potential) customers. From owned channels such as social, email and website to earned media channels and affiliates. Another benefit of online is that it can prolong the life of your catalog content. For the printed catalog, interest peaks in the first week, but declines fast.

Shoppers are more environmentally conscious.

Sustainability efforts are an important factor in gaining brand loyalty from shoppers. Especially for relatively young shoppers, sustainability of a brand is a key-factor in their purchasing decisions.

“Nine in ten Generation Z consumers believe companies have a responsibility to address environmental and social issues.”


Online catalogs & sustainability. Let’s connect.

We see many opportunities for the online catalog to contribute to your sustainability efforts. Here are just some ideas:

Online-only content allows you to reduce pages of your paper catalog.

Raise awareness of the online catalog through your paper catalog.

Reduce reliance on paper catalogs through online catalog subscriptions.

Use online catalogs to experiment—keeping the paper catalog cost-effective.

We’re looking to work with retailers willing to further explore these topics and discover how online catalogs best contribute. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us.

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