Catalog with swimming gear in desktop viewer. BCC catalog in mobile viewer. Both showing dynamic content.

Free up to 75% of DTP resources with automated, mobile-optimized catalogs*

Use dynamic content to grow online presence, improve mobile experience, and cut production costs of your promotions.

*Results from a Hardware store chain customer using dynamic content in their catalogs.


Never have out-of-stock items in your promotions again

Don’t let shipment disruptions or quick sellouts put your promotions to waste. With dynamic content you can automatically replace out-of-stock products in your catalogs in real-time.

Automatically keep your prices up-to-date

Update prices with no manual changes to your promotions.

Increase flyer rhythm and spin up specials in a day

Win more market share by publishing more at a lower cost.

React to trends and create specials in a day with automation rules. Leave your competitors in the dust.

Illustration showing that a catalog can outperform a regular eCommerce landing page x2.

Grow your ROAS with dynamic content

Showcase more products and improve ad performance by leading traffic to your dynamic flyers.

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How dynamic content works

DIY or use our services to get everything up and running.


Feed your product data into Publitas

Publitas logo inside a blue button on the bottom of the page with dotted lines coming out of it connecting it to different feed options such as: Shopify Feed, CSV, Google Sheets, XML and Google Standard feed.

Create reusable, branded product grids

An illustration of 3 branded product grids

Set up rules to populate your catalogs

Business rules such as: In-stock T-shirts can be used to populate the template. (4 T-shirts filling a grid)

Make a leap or take small steps

Dynamic pricing

Keep prices up-to-date in your digital catalogs.


Key benefits:

Hybrid catalog

Add more pages & products to a digital version of your catalog.


Key benefits:

Fully dynamic catalog

Create a fully automated digital catalog from scratch.


Key benefits:

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