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Dynamic content, feed-generated catalog. Left: Image of towels. Right: Product grid showing various cloths.

Create Dynamic Publications Using Your Product Feed

Publish catalogs quickly and frequently using your product feed to populate product grids and templates to reduce manual design. Manage pricing updates using rule-based logic and ensure you never show out-of-stock products.


An out-of-stock towel is replaced with an in-stock towel.

Never show out-of-stock items or outdated pricing in your promotions again

Don’t let pricing updates or quick sellouts waste your promotions. With dynamic content, you can automatically update pricing or replace out-of-stock products in your catalogs in real time using rule-based logic.

A woman working on a laptop. A pop-up shows a set of rules to generate products inside a catalog from the product feed.

Create more publications in less time and with less effort

Generate content within minutes using rule operators, page templates, and feed information. Saving up to a whopping 80% of your design and creation time.

A phone divided in half. On each side there are different variants of a couch, carpet, and other decorations. Left: Light items viewed by a woman. Right: Brown items viewed by a man.

Increase relevance through content personalization

Show the right content to the right shoppers at the right time. Use your data management platform (DMP) to show personalized offers to shoppers through dynamic product placements.

The power of dynamic content

Design time
A dynamic feed-generated catalog with data callouts. 2x higher CR on average. 75% DTP resources freed up.

Why use dynamic content?

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How dynamic content works

DIY or use our services to get everything up and running.


Feed your product data into Publitas

Publitas logo at the bottom with dotted lines connecting it to different feed options such as: Shopify Feed, CSV, Google Sheets, XML, and Google feed.

Create reusable, branded product grids

A mockup of a grid layout that has yet to be filled with products.

Set up rules to populate your catalogs

Top: A modal window with rules such as: Product Category contains Outdoor Seating. Bottom: A catalog page is generated showing outdoor seating products.

Make a leap or take small steps

Dynamic pricing

Keep prices up-to-date in your digital catalogs.


Key benefits:

Hybrid catalog

Add more pages & products to a digital version of your catalog.


Key benefits:

Fully dynamic catalog

Create a fully automated digital catalog from scratch.


Key benefits:

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