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Publitas for small business. A digital catalog showing a woman holding a bag, and that bad also visible in a product display page on mobile.

Elevate your small business with digital catalogs

Publitas for small businesses — Our Gold & Silver plans are perfect for small & medium brands looking to make online catalogs inspiring, interactive, and shoppable.

Create & enrich

Upload your PDF to transform it into inspiring, interactive content that increases engagement

A page from a catalog showing a couch. A video is added to the page with more details and inspiring footage about the couch.

Add images, GIFs, and videos

Create a visually appealing and interactive customer experience by embedding GIFs, Vimeo, YouTube, and MP4.

A catalog cover with blue rectangles to indicate links and a link editor pop-up.

Add link hotspots

Generate traffic from your catalog to your website by adding links. Great for linking your content to products on your website, additional information, lead forms, etc.

A catalog cover with hearts that indicate clickable areas (hotspots). A pop-up shows that you can customize your icons (the hearts) by uploading an image.

Custom domain & branding

Add a custom background, logo, colors, and icons to ensure your customers easily recognize your catalogs. Use your own domain instead of to capture SEO attribution, and get a free SSL certificate to offer a safe HTTPS connection for your customers.

Monitor & optimize

Easily integrate with GA4 to gain valuable insights

Screenshot of GA4 showing number of visits, events, and a graph.

View traffic and page activity

Assess if your catalogs are growing in reach and which pages work best.

Screenshot of GA4 showing how much visitors are on mobile vs. desktop.

Assess device performance

See which devices your customers use to view your catalogs and optimize your layouts accordingly.

Screenshot of GA4 showing a worldmap and the number of visits per country.

Analyze regional performance

Ensure your content is relevant by adapting it to your customers’ region.

Publish & distribute

Increase reach and ensure your audience sees your catalogs

A digital catalog embedded in a website, with a pop-up showing an embed code you can copy.

Embed on website

Easily show your catalog on your website as an interactive widget so customers stay on your site while browsing your catalogs.

A catalog spread showing a living room. A popup saying Share Publication.

Share on social media & email

Shoppers can easily share catalogs, specific pages, or products on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

A catalog cover and a pop-up to edit meta-data like the description.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Set your metadata and crawlable content so search engines read your digital catalogs more easily than the original PDFs.

Gold specific features

Improve your catalog's shopping journey with product overlays (and schedule your catalogs)

Left: A photo of multiple bags stacked together. Right: A pop-up window showing more details about the bag: Concertina Phone Bag $248. Shop now.

Product overlays

Offer a more seamless shopping experience by making the products in your catalogs open a product detail page (PDP) on click.

Left: A model wearing a hat, a dress, and a phone bag surrounded by a blue clickable area. Right: A pop-up window with all the products the model is wearing (added from the product feed).

Import product data through a product feed

You can import your online store’s product feed to speed up adding product details to your overlays.

A catalog cover and a calendar to show you can schedule publications.

Publication scheduling

There’s no need to wake up in the middle of the night to publish your digital publication. You can easily schedule when your publications will be posted and when you want them to go offline.

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Publitas for small businesses — a robust platform

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