Publitas Features

All our features in one neat overview.

Shopping cart integration

Allow your customers to shop straight from your publication by integrating your online store’s product pages and shopping cart.


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WhatsApp checkout

Let your customers add products to a shopping cart within the publication and send their orders via WhatsApp.


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Email checkout

Let your customers add products to a shopping cart within the publication and send their orders to you via Email.


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Page manager

Easily add, remove, or rearrange pages of your PDF within Publitas.

Automated SKU tagging

Save hours of manual work by automatically adding product hotspots to your publications based on product SKUs.

Vertical scroll

Most of the publication readers are using their mobile phones. Make it easier for them to scroll your publication with a vertical scroll.

Image hotspots

Make your publications more interactive by adding GIFs and images to product hotspots or publication pages.

Load external content

Load external content in your publications via iframe.

Automated stock availability

Ensure a smooth buying experience by showing the availability of your products right within a publication.


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Google tag manager

Connect your publications to your Google tag manager account.

Dedicated success manager

We want you to get the best value out of Publitas and help you achieve great results. You’ll have a dedicated success manager to help, advise, and share best practices with you.

Custom services

Whether you want to make your publication unique or would like us to optimize the performance of your publication, we are here for you.


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Make sure your account is securely protected with two-factor authentication.

Native data dashboard

View your publication performance and engagement metrics with no setup needed. Track the ROI of your publications to uncover best-selling products and perform strategic optimizations.


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Add text to publication

Add text content and style with custom fonts for an easy and fast way to design and edit publications.

Favorites list

Give your visitors a reason to come back. Let your publication readers build a favorites list to buy later, share with friends, or print and go to a store. Re-engage your visitors and see which products they like.


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Dynamic publications

Publish more frequently with Dynamic publications that are automatically generated from your product inventory.


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Serve personalized product offers to your customers based on their interests or purchasing behavior.

Copy hotspots

Avoid redundant work. Easily copy product hotspots from one publication to another when creating multiple variations of a publication.

Track original source

See the whole picture by tracking the original source of traffic. When a user visits your online store from a publication, we pass the original source (e.g., email newsletter) to your analytics.

API access

Use our Viewer API to create custom integrations or use our REST API to automate PDF conversion, scheduling, and publishing.

Manage multiple brands

Use groups to manage multiple brands or labels in one account. Each group can have its own settings, URLs, custom domain, branding, analytics, and integrations.

Team management

Add multiple users to your account with different user roles and permissions.

RSS feed

Get an RSS feed to create an overview of your publications on a website or publish your publications within a mobile app.

Code injection

Inject HTML or JavaScript code snippets in the head of your publications to integrate 3rd party tools or to create your own customizations.

A/B Testing

Easily compare two or more versions of your publication, analyze the results, and make informed adjustments based on the insights gained.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to streamline user authentication and increase security. With SSO, your users don’t have to remember additional passwords, and you can manage access to Publitas from your own SSO service.

Import product feed

Import your web store product feed (XML or TSV) to enrich your publications with product information such as images, videos, and descriptions.

Edit product information

Simple editing options enable you to change the product information from your product feed or to manually add products that are not in your feed.


There’s no need to wake up in the middle of the night to publish your digital publication. You can easily schedule when you want your publication to be published and when you want them to go offline.

Product view

The product view allows your customers to stay inside the online publication while browsing for more product information such as images, product videos, and in-depth product descriptions.

Multi-product hotspot

Add multiple products to a digital publication that can be opened with a single hotspot click.


Make your publications more engaging by adding videos to product details or directly to pages of your publications.

Custom branding

Brand your publications by customizing a background image, background color, logo, and favicon.

Custom domain

Publish your online publications on a custom domain (e.g., and get a free SSL certificate to ensure a safe HTTPS connection for your customers.

Custom hotspot icons

Change the default hotspot icons for links, products, pages, or videos to any custom icon.

Password protection

Add a password to any of your publications to prevent unwanted visitors from reading your content.


Generate website traffic by adding external links to your publications or help users navigate better with links to specific pages within a publication.

PDF download

Allow your customers to download your publication as a PDF.

Share to social networks

Users can easily share the products from your digital publications on Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

Page flip effect

Amidst many of today’s modern designs, a wink to the past is sometimes exactly what we need. The page flip effect is one of those nostalgic features that will make your users smile.


Users can search through the text of your online publication to find exactly what they want. A neat overview of the search results helps them go directly to the pages they need.

Embed on your site

Embed your publication on a website in an iframe to generate additional views and make it easy to find for your customers.

Automatic link detection

With this feature, any URLs, email addresses or existing links in your PDF are automatically detected and tagged with a link hotspot. This way you won’t have to manually recreate all your links.

Disable SEO

If you need your publication to be a bit more private, you can simply disable our SEO features and your publication will not be shared with Google. Only the people that know the URL will be able to access your publication.

Search engine optimization

When you upload a PDF, Publitas automatically extracts and optimizes its contents for all major search engines.


It’s easy to change the language and currency of all the buttons and tooltips in your publications. We currently support 40+ languages.

Real support, real people

We do our best to make sure that you don’t need our support at all. But for the rare cases you do, there are always people ready to help.

GA4 Integration

Integrate your digital catalog with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to track and analyze data from your digital catalog alongside other website data.

Free hosting

We host your publications. With an average uptime of 99.996%, we guarantee that your publications will always be available, regardless of how many people use them.


Allow your readers to print pages of your publication easily. This helps users print out coupons, images, recipes, or anything they like.