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Shoppable landing pages built in Publitas. Various elements added to a landing page such as video and slideshows.

Eliminate Developer Dependencies with Shoppable Landing Pages

Design and deploy landing pages or embed interactive widgets in your website within hours instead of weeks. No need to write code or submit tickets to a dev team. Create shoppable pages, drive revenue, and experiment to learn what key factors influence your business.

Discover how to create stunning shoppable landing pages

Easily embed mobile-optimized interactive media widgets such as product carousels, videos, and more across your website. Or create entire landing pages in Publitas.

Create page sections

Create a page section that you can easily embed on your website, or create multiple sections to build a landing page.

A section from a landing page is highlighted. It shows a video and a photo of women doing yoga.

Publish & share

Hit the share button to get a link you can use anywhere online, or embed into your website. Once embedded, you can make live updates to your content without changing the embed code.

A pop up with sharing options ranging from a link, to social sharing, and embedding.

Key features

Empower your team to create landing pages whenever needed.

Easily implement all the interactive functionality available on the Publitas platform

Interactive media on mobile phone. Woman holding luxury bag. Shopping cart icon shows luxury bag can be bought directly.

Shopping cart integration

An out of stock cloth (greyed out) is automatically replaced by an in stock cranberry colored cloth.

Dynamic products

A video showing a couch and a play button is being added to a catalog page.


A slideshow being added using Publitas. Multiple images are visible, such as a woman climbing a rock wall and a woman in Yoga pose.


A text field being edited in Publitas with various options ranging from font family to font size and alignment.

Text & custom fonts

A grid of four different cloths displayed on a phone. The grid is generated by operator rules (Best selling grey and red cloths, ascend by price)

Generate dynamic grids

A page from a catalog created in Publitas. It's a Ramadan special decorated with a moon. A tea set takes center stage.

Save hours on seasonal campaigns

Create inspirational new landing pages for seasonal campaigns that promote specific product lines and prices — no need to waste time briefing other teams, have complete control over your assets.

Manage performance by accessing data insights

Screenshot of GA4 showing number of visits, events, and a graph.

View traffic and page activity

Assess if your content is growing in reach and what content works best.

Screenshot of GA4 showing how much visitors are on mobile vs. desktop.

Assess device performance

See which devices your customers use to view your content and optimize layouts accordingly.

Screenshot of GA4 showing a worldmap and the number of visits per country.

Analyze regional performance

Ensure your content is relevant by adapting it to your customers’ region.

Want to create your own shoppable landing pages?

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