Black Friday is in the rear-view mirror, but the hunt for special deals and bargains is still on. Late and last-minute shoppers are still looking to buy gifts for their friends and family.

Shopping for that ideal gift is often a time-consuming and frustrating endeavor. And especially now the clock is ticking, shoppers need some advice and inspiration on what to buy.

From apparel to groceries and toys to furniture, brands in different industries use online catalogs to offer better holiday shopping experiences — and convert more browsers into shoppers.

In this post, we show you six brands from different industries that have published beautiful and inspirational holiday catalogs with Publitas in 2021.

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Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of shoppers: the ones who know what they want and the ones who don't; for the latter, thoughts about buying something might not even exist in their minds yet.

The shoppers who know what they want will research — almost always online first — select and then check out.

And for the ones who don't know what they want and perhaps aren't even thinking about buying something, leading brands are using discovery marketing techniques on various platforms and channels to inspire more browsers to want to buy their products.

Here we outline the key discovery marketing trends that brands have been exploiting. We show you how successful brands across different industries have built their brands and reinvented their funnels around this indispensable eCommerce marketing technique.

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As a furniture retailer or brand, what's the best way to define and showcase your unique furniture collections online?

You might have a great webshop, and your presence across relevant social media channels like Pinterest is starting to pay off. You might even have your own app with AR, and your email marketing efforts are driving results.

You could consider these the essential components of a winning marketing strategy.

However, there's one piece missing: an online catalog.

How does a digital catalog enhance the shopping experience for home furniture brands and get more conversions?

Read on as we'll show you five home furniture brands that have published beautiful online catalogs to provide a richer brand discovery experience that other channels can't always provide. We also show how their digital catalog facilitates the conversion of more customers.

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Guest post by Raúl Galera, Chief Advocate at ReferralCandy.

Recall the last time you heard about a new brand or discovered a cool online catalog.

Though we occasionally use a variety of online channels to discover new things, it’s also likely that you heard about them through word-of-mouth conversations with friends and family.

Because we trust them the most, we listen to their referrals and recommendations.

But how can brands amplify their word-of-mouth marketing? In this post, we'll look at how an online catalog can help and six tips to further boost the word-of-mouth effect.

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Since their inception, social media platforms have always added new features to keep users engaged. Naturally, this has meant that the content users look at has evolved and shaped the social media experiences we know and enjoy today.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are online spaces where billions of browsers are scrolling, swiping, and discovering content of interest to them.

And for brands, this has rendered social media the perfect online space for them to target top-of-the-funnel shoppers looking for fresh, inspirational content.

But how do you reach your audience with content about your products amidst the anarchy? And how do you ensure that you're targeting customers with the right content?

In this webinar, we share our top tips for implementing and sharing shoppable content on social media. This blog post summarises the key takeaways of the webinar, or if you prefer, you can sign up below to download a recording of it.

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Last year, the Black Friday holiday shopping season saw online sales volumes reach $9 BILLION, and this year is expected to be even BIGGER.

Overlapping with Cyber Monday, Black Friday has gone from what was just a few days of shopping sales — to an entire season of offers, deals, and discounts that stretch from the beginning of November and end sometime in December.

And the bulk of holiday sales now take place online and on mobile devices.

That's why it's essential to optimize your online store for mobile shopping and nail down your marketing automation and content strategies so that you can beat your competitors to the punch and maximize your sales volumes.

Last week we dove a bit deeper into these trends, but in this post, we share some actionable tips and strategies that you can implement into your Black Friday marketing over the coming weeks and months.

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The official date for Black Friday this year is November 26th. We’re not even out of October yet, and some retailers have already started to sell items at sale price. How has Black Friday gone from what was a one-day, mad-rush shopping sale to making it into a season that lasts several weeks, and now, months?

Here’s a bit of history about how Black Friday has gotten to where it is now, what the trends have been over the last few years, and their sales performance. We also cover what you as a retailer can do to capture the imminent hordes of online shoppers hungry for sales and bargains this holiday shopping season.

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Before online catalogs, you might have either distributed print ones or used PDFs. But how consumers discover your fashion label has changed a lot. And now, rather than only window shopping on the high street, shoppers often look on online channels first for inspiration and ideas.

Fashion brands that have an online presence often use a combination of visual commerce and storytelling to illustrate to their audience what their individual look is and what it represents.

Among other eCommerce fashion marketing techniques, our customers who have a fashion brand have published online catalogs with us to provide a robust and inspirational online brand discovery experience for their target audience.

So, if you're a fashion label in need of some ideas for your catalog, you've come to the right page. Here are six fashion brands that publish online catalogs with Publitas.

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The security of your content and data is of paramount importance if you want to remain a trusted brand in the eyes of your customers. We appreciate the lengths you go to maintain your status as a legitimate and safe web entity for all of your stakeholders.

We maintain exceptional security standards — certified with the highly recognized and trusted ISO 27001 — and use reputable web hosts whose attitudes and values towards content and browser security parallel our own.

Using third-party tools on your website can be a risky endeavor, so we've made this post to give you some insight into how we keep yours and our content secure. We aim to ensure that when you host content on our platform or embed our technology into yours, you aren't compromising the security of your digital assets.

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Last year was the first time that eCommerce sales for the November holiday season in the US reached $100 billion (including Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

In 2020, online retailers promoted holiday season gifts and deals earlier than ever; to avoid crowded stores during the heat of the pandemic, many American consumers started their holiday shopping as early as October.

And as we reported last year, we still expect shoppers to start their holiday season shopping early this year and for this to continue for the foreseeable future.

So, this holiday season, how can you convert the waves of shoppers that will very soon be flooding online channels with their search terms?

The answer is: with a great gift guide!

Read on if you're looking for gift guide inspiration and want to know why gift guides are valuable.

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