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Custom catalog solutions that fit your requirements

The sky is the limit for our team of specialists. You imagine it; we build it.


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Partner with our team of experts who have 17+ years of experience

We go the extra mile to tailor publications to your needs. From custom menu bar or search field to member-only order forms or product tagging, our custom solutions team will make it happen.

Scale faster with dynamic

Our full-service dynamic offering helps you publish faster with less dependency on designers. Our team of experts will help you connect your product feed, set up automated tagging, create reusable product grids, and use intuitive filter options to populate your catalog with products automatically. You’ll work with a dedicated project manager from start to end.


Feed your product data into Publitas

Publitas logo at the bottom with dotted lines connecting it to different feed options such as: Shopify Feed, CSV, Google Sheets, XML, and Google feed.

Create reusable product grids

A mockup of a grid layout that has yet to be filled with products.

Set up rules to populate your catalogs

Top: A modal window with rules such as: Product Category contains Outdoor Seating. Bottom: A catalog page is generated showing outdoor seating products.
Two pages of a catalog in the Publitas editor, showing all products tagged. And copy - 100+ pages tagged, 10+ hours saved.

Save time with our tagging services

We know that uploading countless PDFs and tagging all the products in your publications can take ages for your team to get done.

That’s why we offer a service to do this for you. Our team will tag your entire publication with care and precision — we’ll enrich your catalog with links, clickable products, and other interactions.

Performance optimization through custom features

We’ll help you improve your publication KPIs through our full-service custom catalog solutions tailored entirely to your needs.

A fiber optics catalog with a custom menu showing sections to easily navigate towards.

With our performance optimization service, we’ll support and advise you in achieving any project, goal, or idea for your publications. Here is an indication of projects we can help with:

Our most popular custom catalog solutions

E-commerce integration & shopping cart

Let your customers shop straight from your publication by integrating your online store’s product pages and shopping cart.

Our expert team will set up the integration for you, allowing you to hit the ground running.

The Publitas dashboard, showing data such as opens, pageviews, funnels, and engagement time per page.

Performance optimization through data

Our optimization experts help you reach your objectives by translating your current data into an improved, personal, and relevant digital publication strategy. The approach is tailor-made but usually includes the following steps:


  1. Analyze and understand your publication performance
  2. Benchmark your results against competitors
  3. Create hypothesis framework
  4. Run A/B tests to validate the hypothesis
  5. Optimize grid, layout, or distribution strategy
Catalog page left - organic layout. Catalog page right - colored grid. +32% clickthroughs on the colored grid.

A/B testing

Improve catalog performance and learn what works.

We’ll help you form hypotheses, set up tests, and analyze KPIs to translate data into strategic outcomes — ensuring your catalogs perform optimally.


Examples of tests we previously executed are grid layout optimization, mobile performance, and the impact of using interactive media.

START SMART onboarding specialists

Our specialists help you fast-track your onboarding onto the Publitas platform. We’ll share best practices, make your catalog look on-brand, help you optimize for engagement & conversion, and use the platform to its full potential.



We align START SMART to your business goals and KPIs.


Set up

We configure Publitas to match your needs and requirements.



We train your team and give them market best practices.



We prepare you and your team to launch your first publication.



Track your publication’s performance and results.

What customers say

Have a look at these customer testimonials.

"Publitas continues to develop the online flyer proposition. We went from uploading a PDF version of the offline flyer to a more dynamic format taking advantage of digital. Our online flyers now includes eCommerce-specific promotions, dynamic design elements, and even videos."
brian waterschoot Publitas
Brian Waterschoot
"Having a digital, interactive and functional version of the catalog gives us an added value over our competition. The customized menu allows buyers to find exactly what they are looking for without having to flip through the entire catalog or search for specific page numbers in the table of contents."
Headshot of Andrea Hernandez — Woman in black and white sweater.
Andrea Hernandez

Custom solution packages

We tailor our custom services to your needs and budget by offering recurring service packages for monthly and annual access to our custom services team.


25 Hours

2,750 Eur

Common uses:

  • E-com integration
  • A/B testing
  • Custom features


50 Hours

5,250 Eur

Common uses:

  • E-com integration
  • Dynamic publications
  • Custom forms


100 Hours

10,000 Eur

Common uses:

  • Table of contents
  • Full custom solution
  • Custom analytics


100+ Hours

Contact us

Common uses:

  • Custom integrations
  • Full custom solution
  • Custom analytics

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