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The Museum of Modern Art is an educational institution that fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides inspiration with extraordinary exhibitions and the world’s finest collection of modern art.

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Short interview with Ursula Milan.

E-Commerce Technology at The Museum of Modern Art

Why are you using online catalogs?

“Online catalogs allow us to reach a wider audience who otherwise wouldn’t receive our catalog in the mail or know that we have one. Our international community appreciates its easy access, especially after visiting MoMA in New York.”

Why did you choose Publitas?

“Well, that’s an easy answer – how could I not choose Publitas? We have utilized other products, as well as Google Catalogs when they came on the scene, so I know what’s out there. But the Publitas team have really outdone themselves and launched a beautiful user experience that is very intuitive to use. The imagery, ability to merchandise and include video are all very cool features, and the mobile optimized version is just the icing on the cake!”

How has your business benefited by using online catalogs?

“We have seen record high customer engagement and sales*, for example, this week’s top pages were completely dominated by the Fall Catalog. It is such a beautiful product; we love featuring our online catalogs in our email and homepage content as much as we can.”

*Note on record high customer engagement and sales:

MoMA Store visitors that have first visited the catalog and then clicked through to the website have a 40% to 308% higher conversion rate than visitors from other channels.

How well is the online catalog received by your audience?

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback both internally and externally. We know how much our customers enjoy it because the number of customer sessions and product views say it all.”

Anything else you’d like to say?

“I would remiss if I didn’t say one very important thing – the Publitas team is a pleasure to work with! As savvy as one can be on implementing products and using them, your team was there helping us with every detail, which at times felt like 24/7. It has been very funny to feel like Amsterdam is right next door to us.”

Features used by MoMA.

Read on to find out which features are used by MoMA and why.

Works on iOS & Android devices

Mobile is no longer something you can ignore. With Publitas, MoMA’s catalogs are available on all the popular mobile devices, which makes their catalogs accessible anywhere, anytime.


With the branding features available in Publitas, MoMA makes sure their online catalogs are unified with their brand. They’ve added a custom logo and a favicon that match their site so that their customers have a seamless, multi-channel experience.

Custom domain

By using the custom domain, MoMA’s catalogs are accessible through a branded URL——instead of the regular This allows them to provide a better user experience when linking to their catalogs (e.g. from their site or email newsletters).

Product view

MoMA’s catalogs often contain images with a beautiful assemblage of products which help to inspire their customers. By using the product view, MoMA can make those images shoppable and highlight each product separately for further details.

Import product feed

MoMA uses the product feed to save a lot of time when tagging products in their catalog. With the product feed, they don’t have to enter any of the product information manually. Rather, they import the products from their online store, making them easily available in Publitas.

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