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Find out what our customers have to say through these customer interviews.

"We needed a simpler solution that allowed customers to shop directly from the online catalog and required less effort on our part to put live on the site."
david cain heartland Publitas

David Cain

Web Graphic Designer
"The biggest reason for us to use online publications is to connect the off- and online world to create an omnichannel experience for our customers."
vera ader Publitas

Vera Ader

Senior E-Commerce Manager at BUTLERS
"Publitas covers every need our company and customers have. The functionalities available make our catalogs shine and help create attractive publications for our (future) customers."
erika zavala anzo Publitas

Erika Zavala Anzo

Director of Omnichannel and E-business
"With Publitas, we can finally publish online publications in a simple way, where we enrich them with videos, slideshows, and other animations."
mandy wulf Publitas

Mandy Wulf

Online-Marketing at Connox
"The most important thing about Publitas is its customer service and the fact that they are always available with quick solutions whenever we need them."
danae dermatis Publitas

Danae Dermatis

Senior Digital Executive at C.A. Papaellinas Emporiki Ltd (AlphaMega)
"By using online catalogues, as well as reducing our environmental impact, we have been able to learn more about our customers, their needs and behaviour."
adriana barbera Publitas

Adriana Barbera

Head of Marketing and Communications Management at Anonima
Publitas continues to develop the online flyer proposition. Last year we saw a shift from merely uploading a PDF version of the offline flyer to a more dynamic format taking advantage of digital. Our online flyers can now include eCommerce-specific promotions, dynamic design elements, and even videos."
brian waterschoot Publitas

Brian Waterschoot

E-shop Manager at Delhaize
"We were looking for a way to translate our heritage marketing catalog to a new digital format. The Publitas system made content more engaging by allowing us to tie our photography to video and other multimedia content, creating richer, more dimensional storytelling for our readers.”
karima ridgley Publitas

Karima Ridgley

Chief Marketing and Digital Commerce Officer
"We have been using the Publitas Platform for years and are still very satisfied. Publitas is ahead of the curve in technological developments in their field and the market. They are constantly developing new features that we can use and thus stay one step ahead. They always think along, with questions or requests from our side, and often know how to resolve them quickly.”
esther de reus Publitas

Esther de Reus

Content Manager
"ConnectMii is very satisfied with Publitas. We especially like the personal contact with our account rep, who took time to help us find ways to make our Publitas publications even more effective for us, at no extra cost to us."
anne feldmann Publitas

Anne Feldmann

SVP Operations
Publitas, for us, is a stable tool we can rely on, so the basics are always right. Next to that, the editor works smoothly, and if we need help, our Customer Success Manager is there for us."
janneke bongartz Publitas

Janneke Bongartz

Marketing Manager
"With online catalogs we have seen record high customer engagement and sales and we're reaching a wider audience who otherwise wouldn’t receive our catalog."
moma ursula milan Publitas

Ursula Milan

E-Commerce Technology
"Online catalogs allow us to share our travel adventures and clothing line with a broad audience in a sustainable manner, anywhere at any time."
prana gary penn Publitas

Gary Penn

Head of eCommerce
"With the launch of our digital catalogs we’re reaching more people early on in the discovery phase of shopping and we generate more relevant traffic."
peter scholtes 1 Publitas

Peter Scholtes

Online Marketing Manager
"We’ve just launched our digital catalogs and we’re already reaching an audience that we couldn’t reach with our paper catalogs and magazines."
ilse van breugel 1 Publitas

Ilse van Breugel

Online Marketeer
"It's easier for our customers to move from inspiration to purchase. Online magazine readers outperform the website average when it comes to conversion."
carmen smeets Publitas

Carmen Smeets

Online Marketeer