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From Hardcover Books to Digital Catalogs: Coulisse's Journey to Craft Interactive Experiences for Customers

Location: Netherlands (International)
Industry: Home Decor

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The story of Coulisse is one of evolution and embracing the digital age. They’ve long used hardcover books as a part of their marketing strategy to inspire customers and introduce new products. But the digital era called for a change. Enter online catalogs, a leap into the digital world that allowed Coulisse to bring its content to life and connect with its audience in new and dynamic ways.

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On the journey from static PDFs to dynamic online catalogs

Before adopting their current platform, Coulisse’s online presence began with ‘flat’ PDF documents. But Publitas offered something different, a way to create an immersive and interactive customer experience. It wasn’t just about getting their new product launches and seasonal campaigns more quickly to customers; it was about doing so with style and personality.


Coullise were also looking to reduce the time it took to get new product launches to customers. They shared, “We were looking for a way to quickly get our product introductions and catalogs to our customers without always having the added time required for gathering the information, printing the books, and then sending them out to our customers.”


The benefits of moving to digital catalogs have been significant. It streamlined their product launch process, allowing Coulisse to showcase new offerings more efficiently and effectively. These digital catalogs are not just about information; they’re about creating an engaging, interactive experience for the customer.

The interactive nature of the digital publications provides customers with a more immersive experience."

On the online catalog platform experience and its capabilities

Coulisse, like many other established brands, already had several systems in place to run their content publishing and marketing.

Publitas as a platform is very reliable and seamlessly integrates with many different applications, making it a valuable tool.”

“The integration with our PIM and ERP system is a noteworthy feature that has significantly contributed to meeting our needs. Connecting our online publications to these systems enables automated updates of product data. This automation ensures accuracy and saves valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual data updates. This aligns perfectly with our goal of efficiency and streamlining processes.”

On usability, Coulisse said:

The customization of content that brings value, striking the perfect balance between automation and custom content editing.”

“The ease of modifying the online publications is another aspect that caters to our needs. The agility in updating and modifying content allows us to respond swiftly to changes in our product offerings, promotions, or other relevant information. This dynamic nature of the service aligns with our marketing strategy, providing us with the agility required to stay competitive and relevant in the market.”


Coulisse also shared that the online catalog platform provided by Publitas has proven to be instrumental in effectively meeting the company’s needs. One key aspect that stands out is the tool’s flexibility, allowing them to showcase their product information that aligns seamlessly with their unique brand ‘look and feel.’


This customization capability is crucial for maintaining brand consistency and ensuring that their online presence reflects the company’s essence.

Example of Coulisse’s custom ‘order swatch’ forms inside their online catalog.

On Coulisse’s audience and how they received the new online catalogs

The reaction to and engagement with the online catalogs has been overwhelmingly positive.

The digital catalogs have proven instrumental in fostering increased customer engagement. The interactive nature of the digital publications provides customers with a more immersive experience, allowing them to explore our products in detail. Features such as clickable links, multimedia elements, and easy navigation contribute to a richer engagement, making it more likely for customers to delve deeper into our offerings, getting that feeling of our offline books but then virtual!”

They continued, “While we have not conducted a formal audience survey to gauge the reception of our online catalogs and publications, the anecdotal feedback we have received thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the accessibility and user-friendly interface of our online catalog.


Customers appreciate the convenience of browsing through our offerings and have highlighted the efficiency in finding relevant information. Regarding reading time,


“We have observed increased engagement metrics, with users spending extended periods exploring the content available. The extended reading time could indicate the engaging nature of our online catalog, suggesting that customers find value in the presented information.”

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When asked if they would recommend Publitas

If you are looking for an online tool that can expand or even replace your current (offline) publications, with the added benefit of having an intuitive and user-friendly interface... then we definitely recommend Publitas."

On the future and how hardcover books still fit into their vision

Despite their digital advancements, Coulisse holds a special place for their hardcover books, “we will keep using hardcover books, as they can bring the true feeling of fabrics directly to our customer’s hands, something which digital publications cannot replicate (as of today).”


This is an effective and strategic approach to balancing technology and customer experience.


Coulisse’s story is one of growth, adaptation, and the successful integration of digital solutions into a traditional industry, all while maintaining the essence of what makes them unique. It’s a tale of a company surviving and thriving in the digital era, always looking forward to what’s next.

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About Coulisse

We are a down-to-earth, family-run business founded in the Netherlands, with 30-year history built on strong partnerships. Working with and for passionate people to create the most forward-thinking window-covering solutions for the industry worldwide. With our in-house engineers, quality department, R&D, creative marketing, and e-business teams, we go above and beyond for our clients. Always working on strategic partnerships where we establish business growth together.