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Publitas for home decor brands. A digital catalog presented in a browser and on a phone. Showing home decor products such as a comfy sofa.

Inspirational digital publications for home decor shoppers

Help your shoppers discover and buy your decor products from your Digital Catalog. Use Publitas for home decor catalogs to drive added revenue directly from your content.

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Five steps - Upload PDF, Add GIFS and Videos, Connect Product Feed, Add Product Hotspots, Publish.


You want to use digital catalogs to market your products, but don’t know where to start.

Our solution

An easy-to-use platform

Simply upload a PDF to get started. Tailor your publication by adding interactive elements like product hotspots, embedded videos, and GIFs to make your catalog inspiring. Many home decor brands add product hotspots to bridge the gap to their online store, turning their digital catalog into a shoppable revenue asset.

A phone with digital catalog page showing a dynamic price update. The old price $29.99 is replaced with a new price $33.99.


Your catalog often shows products that are out of stock or have out-of-date pricing.

Our solution

Add dynamic elements

Maximize your promotional opportunities by avoiding product out-of-stock issues and outdated pricing. Keep your catalog up-to-date effortlessly with automatic replacements.

Creative managers point and smile at a computer screen.


The costs & efforts to produce your digital catalogs are too high.

Our solution

Let automation do the work

Save hours of work for your team on catalog creation. Create templates and auto-populate with existing product info from your online store to spin up promotions in a day.

Interactive media on mobile phone. Woman holding luxury bag. Shopping cart icon shows luxury bag can be bought directly.


You lose shoppers along the conversion journey because they can’t add-to-cart or order directly from your digital catalog.

Our solution

Multiple conversion options

Empower shoppers to purchase directly from your home decoration catalog or save products to their shareable wishlist. Seamlessly guide visitors through the catalog, from discovery to purchasing items they never knew they wanted, using a multiple checkout journey.

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Success stories from brands that use Publitas for home decor catalogs.

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"With online catalogs, we have seen record-high customer engagement and sales, and we're reaching a wider audience who otherwise wouldn't receive our catalog."
moma ursula milan Publitas
Ursula Milan
"The biggest reason for us to use online publications is to connect the off- and online world to create an omnichannel experience for our customers."
leonie weigt Publitas
Leonie Weigt
"Publitas covers every need our company and customers have. The functionalities available make our catalogs shine and help create attractive publications for our (future) customers."
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Erika Zavala Anzo
Dico Muebles

From static PDF to fully automated catalog

Get rid of your static PDF catalogs, and promote your brand through eye-catching digital publications. Optimized with templates, interactive via GIFs, video, and hotspots, and always up-to-date, so you never promote out-of-stock products or show incorrect pricing.


From static PDF to
online catalog

Front page of MOMA's Fall/Holiday 2023 digital catalog. Showing an orange chair on a green floor, and tables that look like abstract humans.

Optimized grid in
digital catalog

A mockup of a grid layout that has yet to be filled with products.

Automated catalog creation and distribution

Top: A modal window with rules such as: Product Category contains Outdoor Seating. Bottom: A catalog page is generated showing outdoor seating products.

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