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About GD México

Grupo Dico is a national leader in Mexico’s furniture and decor industry, with more than 200 store locations in the country and an online presence. Their family of brands — focused on creating good times at home and memorable spaces — are made up of: Muebles Dico, Casa de las Lomas, Lomas Baby, Lomas Kids and Teens, Moblum, Expo Colchones and Todomuebles. Every brand has been designed to satisfy its customers’ different lifestyles, designs, and price needs. They generate personalized experiences that enable a unique buying experience. Grupo Dico’s main strength is having transformative power in interior design trends and being a decor visionary for over 50 years. Grupo Dico understands the needs of future generations, adapts high-end technologies, enhances product development, and has built up the manufacturing industry in Mexico as well as the last mile logistics network specialized in big ticket. Tending to more than 10 million families in Mexico, they have positioned the Muebles Dico brand as a reference in furniture purchasing. They have seen generations grow knowing the ‘Muebles dico, dico es diconomia’ jingle.

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Short interview with Erika Zavala Anzo

Director of Omnichannel and E-business at Dico

Why are you using online publications?

“We are looking into having more online presence as a group and brand; our Publitas materials have helped in-store interaction beyond web content, as our sales representatives can close deals on products that are not physically available. Another benefit is reducing our print costs of thousands of flyers we printed. We have far more reach with our customers, as our sales representatives find it easier to follow up with frequent customers, and the digital catalog enables another sale.”

Did you use any other online publications before?

“No, this is the first time using a platform like Publitas. Before this, we managed everything through code and Photoshop. The most a customer could do on our web page was download the PDF. Also, now there is no need for us to reprocess a publication. When there is an error in pricing or design, we simply use the Page Manager to do a 5-minute modification.”

Why did you decide to use Publitas?

“The multiple features it provides. Dynamic content is an excellent example; when we don’t have the design materials on time, it’s very simple to start a publication from scratch and offer our customers the latest catalog according to our monthly deals. The shopping cart integration is another great feature. We’ve also used the wishlist functionality to follow up on what products customers saved and liked. We’ve recently locked in our first sale using it.”

How satisfied are you with Publitas, and what stands out for you when working with Publitas?

“Our group is delighted with Publitas as we have exploited an opportunity we weren’t aware of. Working on a publication is very easy, and there are always new features. We constantly follow training sessions and take full advantage of features that are in Beta. These things speak wonders of their team’s work. We have grown as a group, and digitizing our catalogs was necessary to provide a new and unique experience to our customers.”

How has your business benefited by using online catalogs?

“The traffic on our webpage has increased by a good amount. With Publitas, we have attractive and practical flyers that allow our customers to know more about each product and service immediately. The flyers are simple to use and aligned with our brands’ identities. We have more reach with our publications, and we’ve noticed in our data that the most popular products within our catalogs match the most sold products on our webshop.”

How well is the online catalog received by your audience (reading time, reach)?

“The average read time of our publications varies. A customer may have an open session of 2 minutes where they read 30-36 pages. We’ve analyzed and identified that products with a super sale or a discounted price gain more interest. Even though the average session duration was lower than at the beginning of the year, we have detected a higher conversion rate in the Muebles Dico regions.”

How do the results compare to your webshop?

“The results are completely aligned. When we notice favorable results or product view increases within Publitas, we immediately start to generate strategies for these products and focus on promoting them in our site.”

Do you measure store visits generated by the online publication?

“Not yet, but we have opened the door to measuring these visits. The in-store sales representatives ask to have the monthly catalog ready on time as their customers might only find 15 products out of the 100 on sale. The digital flyer is their primary resource for discussing promotions with customers. We also have in-store screens that display publications, and digital tablets allow the customer to interact with the publication of the month and each one of our furniture collections.”

How well does our service meet your company’s needs?

“Directly. There are always efforts from the Publitas team to maximize the use of every tool and functionality we have available within the platform for every brand of the GD Mexico group.”

Would you recommend Publitas, and why?

“Absolutely. Publitas covers every need our company and customers have. The functionalities available make our catalogs shine and help create attractive publications for our (future) customers. Today we have a responsibility towards the environment as print flyers have reduced significantly, taking care and being conscious about our environment with our customers. The ability to quickly update our catalogs has helped us notably, as the time spent revising and editing sections of our catalog is now swift and easy. Without a doubt, our online sales rates have increased thanks to Publitas.”

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