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The future of the brochure: Offerista and Publitas launch Europe-wide cooperation

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Berlin, 27.06.2024 – Offerista, an expert in digital retail marketing in Europe, is partnering with the international SaaS provider for digital brochure design, Publitas. Publitas offers automated advertising material creation, saving time and resources, and optimized for digital use. Offerista enables the extensive distribution of these digital brochures.

In the future, both companies will combine the dynamic brochure design from Publitas with Offerista’s Native Network, Europe’s largest network for digital retail marketing.

Maximum Reach for Publitas Customers in Europe

Retail customers will particularly benefit from the collaboration and a newly created API (interface) between Publitas and Offerista: thanks to this, the digital brochure designed with Publitas can be directly published on the +1,400 platforms and apps in the Offerista Native Network for shopping preparation.

Behind the Offerista Native Network are native integrations of the brochures with Bring!, Chefkoch, DeutschlandCard, Microsoft Bing, Payback, and many others. The brochures do not appear as advertisements but are perceived as contextually appropriate, supplementary content for individual shopping planning. Through the network, Offerista supports over 46 million active users monthly in Germany and over 200 million active users worldwide in digitally preparing for local shopping.

The brochures are published in line with the retailers and target groups in the catchment area of the retail branches. This way, retailers can efficiently reach their potential customers at moments of shopping preparation. The collaboration will start in the DACH region, with plans to expand the offering to other countries in the coming months.

Digital Experience and Inspiration

The brochure remains the leading medium in retail in 2024. However, many consumers inform themselves online before making a purchase. Digital brochures offer new opportunities for customer activation when designed for digital use.

The innovative digital brochure software from Publitas revolutionizes how companies present their catalogs, brochures, and flyers, creating a diverse, interactive user experience. Users can click directly on products in the brochure to get additional information, watch videos, or even make a purchase immediately, with seamless redirection to the retailer’s website. The digital brochures are designed to automatically adapt to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring optimal viewing on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Additionally, the content is optimized for search engines, enhancing the online visibility of products and offers. Companies can easily integrate their brochures into a website, email, social media, or directly publish them on (partner) platforms like the Offerista Network.

Through the distribution of Publitas’ digital brochures by Offerista on numerous shopping-relevant platforms and apps, retailers and manufacturers are guaranteed very high visibility with the appropriate target audience. The collaboration will start in the DACH region, with plans to expand the offering to other countries in the coming months.

Marcus Libionka, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Offerista:

Marcus Libionka Publitas

“It’s a match: Offerista is driving the future of retail communication in Europe – digital, interactive, effective. By seamlessly integrating the intelligent and automated solutions from Publitas into the Offerista Native Network, we combine the advantages of dynamic, digital advertising formats with the exclusive reach of our Europe-wide leading network for digital retail marketing. This allows our clients to save time and resources while engaging their target audiences with inspiring advertising materials – full funnel – across all moments leading up to the purchase decision.”

Guillermo Sanchez, CEO of

guillermo sanchez Publitas

“We are excited to announce our collaboration with Offerista. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our vision of the future of discovery commerce – digital, interactive, and impactful. By linking Publitas’ digital brochure solutions with Offerista’s network, we combine the best of both worlds: clickable brochures and maximum reach. Our joint goal is to enhance the online marketing process for retailers and brands so they can save valuable time and resources while reaching their target audiences at every crucial touchpoint – from product discovery to purchase. This collaboration is not just about improving retail marketing, but also about setting new standards for effective customer engagement.”