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Product Update: Custom Hotspot Icons


Custom Hotspot Icons: We’ve just released a new feature that allows you to replace the default hotspot icons with icons of your own choice.

Want to change the default hotspot icons for links, products, pages, or videos? We’ve got you covered. With our latest update you can use any icon set you like, whether it’s one you found on the web or designed yourself. Icons are set on a group level, so at this point it’s not possible to have different icons per publication.

You can find the new setting in ‘Viewer Customization’ under the ‘Hotspots’ tab.

Product Update: Custom Hotspot Icons: The new 'Hotspots' tab in Publitas online catalog software.

The new ‘Hotspots’ tab.

Normal & high-resolution icons

You can upload an icon in two resolutions:

  • 36×36 px for normal resolution displays
  • 72×72 px for high-resolution displays (typically found on smartphones and tablets)

For optimal results, we recommend that each icon is uploaded in both resolutions, otherwise, some devices will show the custom icon and some won’t. We also recommend uploading your icons at exactly 36×36 px and 72×72 px. Otherwise, the icons will be scaled and might look blurry.

Do I have this feature for Custom Hotspot Icons?

Productsup and Publitas Webinar: Turning Shoppers into Buyers with Shoppable and Shareable ContentUsers with access to our branding features can now use this new feature. To see if you have this feature, go to Viewer Customization in your account and click on the ‘Hotspots’ tab. Here you should have the option to replace the default icons. If you don’t have this feature, feel free to contact us so we can help you upgrade to a plan that does.