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Home Centre UAE Elevates Marketing Strategy with Digital Catalog Integration

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Home Centre, a prominent lifestyle brand based in Dubai, has showcased the valuable benefits of integrating digital catalogs into its marketing strategy since launching on the Publitas platform. In 2023, they have published over 100 catalogs. 

Their approach has redefined customer engagement and product display, exemplifying how digital catalogs can complement e-commerce platforms effectively.

Home Centre – Festive Catalog

Customer engagement through visual storytelling

Home Centre’s digital catalogs are not mere lists of products; they are carefully crafted stories that guide customers through a visual journey. The catalogs invoke a sense of desire and possibility by presenting their products in aspirational, real-life settings. This immersive experience is hard to replicate on a standard product page. Their approach has led to increased customer engagement as the interactive elements of digital catalogs allow customers to envision the products in their own lives.

digital catalog home centre storytelling Publitas

Home Centre Digital Catalog – For the love of hosting

Product showcasing in real settings

One of Home Centre’s digital catalogs’ key successes is their use of realistic settings to display products. This has multiple benefits:

  • Relatability: Customers can relate to the products better when they see them in a real-life layout.
  • Visual Appeal: Home Centre’s visually striking catalogs retain customer attention and encourage social media shares.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Seeing products in a setting provides customers with information on size, style, and compatibility with other items, aiding decision-making.

This immersive strategy goes beyond traditional product images, offering a narrative that weaves each item into the fabric of daily life. Customers don’t just see a chair; they see a chair by the poolside, beckoning them to relax on a sunny afternoon. 

They don’t just view a bedspread; they envision the comfort and style it would add to their bedrooms. By situating products in these tangible scenes, Home Centre demonstrates the practicality and aesthetic of its range and invites customers to imagine these products as integral parts of their homes and lives. This contextualization is crucial, transforming passive browsing into active envisioning, which fosters a deeper connection between the consumer and the product.

Aspirational imagery leading to increased customer confidence

The strategic use of aspirational imagery in Home Centre’s digital catalogs does more than entice the eye; it instills a sense of confidence in the customer. 

By presenting their products within the context of desirable, well-designed spaces, Home Centre taps into the aspirations of their audience, allowing them to visualize the items not merely as purchases but as enhancements to their lifestyle. This visual assurance helps customers feel more secure in their buying decisions, as they can see products’ tangible elegance and functionality within an idealized setting. The result is increased interest and trust in the quality and value of Home Centre’s offerings, driving a stronger and more positive customer response.

digital catalog home centre imagery Publitas

Using social media to increase reach for digital catalogs

Since launching their catalogs, a key tactic for Home Centre has been to advertise them on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. These channels are perfect for generating reach, creating engagement, and driving traffic to the website. Digital catalogs help reduce the extra social media visuals needed; the images and videos you create for products in the catalogs can be reused on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. 

Social media allows users to repost, share, and favorite certain posts, increasing brand loyalty and awareness. 

They specifically use Linktree on Instagram to link to their catalogs, allowing them to change which ones they want to focus on and allowing users to find them.

Connecting customers to the website from digital catalogs

Home Centre has done a fantastic job using digital catalogs for storytelling, but they have also made them a valuable part of their e-commerce strategy by connecting the products showcased to their e-commerce website using product hotspots. 

This enables customers to instantly click through using product hotspots, allowing them to see an even wider range of products or add-to-cart and purchase, creating a smooth and frictionless buyer journey.

digital catalog home centre ecommerce v2 Publitas

Analytics and personalization

With digital catalogs, Home Centre gains valuable insights through analytics. They can track how customers interact with the catalogs, which pages they linger on, and what items they click on by viewing the data gathered in the Publitas data dashboard directly within the platform. This data is invaluable for personalizing future catalogs and marketing efforts, ensuring that Home Centre remains relevant and engaging to each customer.

The Publitas dashboard, showing data such as opens, pageviews, funnels, and engagement time per page.

Publitas Data Dashboard (data for example purposes)

By integrating digital catalogs into its website strategy, Home Centre has an engaging tool in its marketing kit to help drive reach, awareness, and product purchases.

Aspirational imagery creates a story that effectively inspires customers to want to duplicate what they see in the catalog in their homes, encouraging users to add multiple products to their cart to achieve ‘the look.’

If you would also like to create an aspirational, visual story for your customers, contact us and request a demo.