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6 Examples of FMCG Brands That Publish Digital Leaflets and Flyers

Digital leaflets and flyers offer many benefits for FMCG brands. Read this post to learn how 6 different companies have implemented them in their marketing strategies and benefited from it!

Over the last 20 months or so, more consumers than ever have been shopping online for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). But using search boxes, filters, and trawling through categories on webshops can be points of friction for shoppers who want to have a quick look.

Instead, you can make it easier for these shoppers and publish beautiful and inspirational content they can effortlessly swipe through.

Supermarkets, hypermarkets, and vendors of FMCG are engaging with online browsers by publishing digital flyers, brochures, or leaflets on a weekly or regular basis while highlighting their latest deals and offers for shoppers to discover.

What do these digital flyers and brochures published by retailers look like? And how do they make it easy and convenient for shoppers to go from discovery to purchase within just a few clicks?

In this post, we show you six examples of multinational FMCG retailers which have published their flyers online.


Alcampo, one of the biggest hypermarket chains in Spain, regularly publishes online flyers or leaflets to target different consumer segments. This December, they have a selection of brochures for deals, meal ideas, gifts, and locally-sourced produce.

For example, “The Alcampo kitchen” flyer contains quick and healthy meal ideas, with the recipe on one side and the in-store ingredients opposite — a convenient way for health-conscious grocery shoppers to find both meal-time inspiration and items for their shopping list, and all from one digital space.

Spread from Alcampo's brochure showing the ingredients for a tomato salad.

Alcampo’s recipe brochure gives shoppers meal-prep instructions and a list of ingredients for dishes that they can find in-store or buy online.

For Alcampo’s customers looking for deals or discounts this holiday season, the brand’s New Year flyer highlights its holiday promotions, where browsers can add items to cart or find out more product information.

An overview of discounted products such as mayonaise and oreo cookies.

Shoppers with an appetite for deals and discounts across different product ranges can find them from Alcampo’s selection of brochures that are updated and published regularly.


Aldi publishes brochures and leaflets to cater to different seasons, occasions, and holiday periods throughout the year. There’s a dedicated section for its digital and inspirational publications in Aldi’s German webshop.

Shoppers can find online weekly deals flyers, Christmas guides, wine brochures, or even its holiday destination brochures — providing an almost limitless library of Aldi inspiration.

Overview of covers for Aldi's brochures on their website.

On Aldi’s website, browsers can find a selection of online Christmas flyers for gifts, toys, and cuisine.

Spread from Aldi's wine guide, showing a selection of wines.

Wine enthusiasts can browse through Aldi’s wine guide and find a curated selection of products and inspirational content.


Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize has a dedicated section on its website to find weekly offers and deal flyers.

An overview on Delhaize's website showing their drinks guide, magazine, and this week's leaflet.

Shoppers on Delhaize’s website can find digital leaflets containing limited-time-only offers and deals.

Delhaize’s shoppable deals content

Delhaize’s latest weekly deals flyers take advantage of product hotspots and product feed tools, making it easy for browsers to shop directly from the content and where they can find more product details or add items to cart.

Spread from Delhaize's brochure showing an overview of discounted products including an add to cart button.

Shoppable product content makes shopping for deals with Delhaize both quick and convenient.

ALPHAMEGA supermarkets

Elsewhere in continental Europe, ALPHAMEGA supermarkets, a popular chain of supermarkets in Cyprus, has a dedicated offers section, where browsers can find regularly-published and updated flyers and brochures, such as “fresh”, “home care” or “Cava”.

An overview of flyers on ALPHAMEGA's website. Categories such as: Food & Drinks, Fresh, and Home & Care.

Shoppers looking for offers and inspiration from ALPHAMEGA can browse through a range of digital leaflets and deals flyers.

Page from ALPHAMEGA's brochure showing an overview of discounted products including an add to cart button.

Like other supermarkets, ALPHAMEGA publishes flyers that allow browsers to shop directly from the content and add items to the cart.


Digital flyers can also work well for other FMCG retailers, such as those which sell beauty, health, and cosmetics products.

Kruidvat, a Dutch retail pharmacy and drugstore chain specializing in health and beauty products, publishes its weekly deals and content inspirations on its website, and like grocery retailers, as part of a dedicated offer, gifts, or related content section.

Weekly ads, magazines, and guides on Kruidvat's website.

Online brochures or offer guides can inspire shoppers in the health, beauty, and cosmetics industries.

Spread from Kruidvat's gift guide showing beauty tips alongside a collection of make-up products.

Kruidvat’s gift flyer has a curated selection of health and beauty products, with tips and links to the product pages of the retailer’s webshop.

In the same way that a paper-based leaflet can show a brand’s latest offers and promotions, Kruidvat publishes its online flyers with offers such as BOGOF, 2 for 1, items at discount price, etc.

Spread from Kruidtvat's weekly ad displaying an array of products.

From supplements to toothpaste and soaps to children’s toys, Kruidvat’s digital publications display weekly offers for a wide variety of its product range.


German Cash & Carry wholesaler, Metro, publishes its weekly flyers in a section of its website in a similar fashion to other FMCG brands. Shoppers can find flyers for toys, tech, groceries, or inspirational Christmas recipes.

Overview of brochures on METRO's website. Categories such as: Food, Non food, and Strong brands.

Metro currently has some two dozen brochures published on its webshop for browsers to look through and find the brand’s latest offers and promotions.

Page from METRO's flyer showing dessert tips and a delicious-looking cheesecake.

Metro’s digital brochures and leaflets cater to different shoppers and customer segments, such as brand-conscious shoppers, gift shoppers, or those looking for deals on tech products.


More shoppers than ever are browsing online and looking for inspiration. For retailers of FMCG, online flyers or leaflets — containing a curated collection of items with the latest offers or deals — can be a powerful content marketing tool for capturing top-of-the-funnel shoppers.

As we’ve seen from our examples above, some of the biggest super- and hypermarket chains in Europe and the world regularly publish digital flyers and keep them on a dedicated page on their websites for shoppers to browse through.

Similar to how shoppers like to pick up a weekly magazine or brochure of deals in a physical store or look through ones pushed through their mailboxes, a digital flyer can become an online FMCG channel and a great source of inspiration.

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