We love great online shopping experiences.

About 50% of online shoppers are just browsing and don’t know exactly what they want. We help brands & retailers connect with browsing shoppers by publishing their catalogs online. This way, shoppers can easily browse through a catalog from any device to discover and purchase the products they like.

Empowering brands to transition from print to digital.

More consumers than ever demand that brands and retailers are sustainable and adopt more eco-friendly ways of doing things. Printing on paper demands that more trees are cut down than is necessary, and a significant proportion of paper waste ends up in landfill sites. We empower businesses to publish paperless discovery-commerce experiences that engage, inspire, and have the potential to reach more customers than was ever possible.

Founding Story

Publishing trade magazines online

The idea to publish trade magazines online was conceived in a pub because Guillermo (our CEO) hated carrying around piles of trade magazines for his consultancy job at Deloitte. Soon, a concierge MVP for publishers was serviced from Guillermo’s living room. However, traction was slow, and a pivot was in order.


Retailers and brands turned out to be a better fit

For retailers, the catalog is an excellent piece of content that generates instant value when published online. In the years following — fully bootstrapped — Publitas has grown from a three-person operation into the online platform it is now.

Listen to this podcast if you want to know more:
How to Bootstrap a Million Dollar SaaS Business.

Our culture

We combine a healthy dose of persistence with the will to embrace crazy ideas and push new boundaries. Guided by a desire to do things better, we want to improve the world around us.

Our focus is on customer success, quality, and results. We aim to solve root cause issues; this way, we create remarkable products that we are truly passionate about.

We’re a fully remote and diverse team with 30+ nationalities from 20+ countries.

We're building for long-term impact

At Publitas, we've set out to become a long-term and thriving force in the world. We want to increase our level of impact, freedom, and satisfaction.

To us, that means looking beyond our current product, industry, and goals. We take things a step further and look at what gives us lifetime value; our capabilities, experience, relationships, and wisdom.

These things provide us the ability to engage constructively with nature, people, and businesses alike.

It teaches us how to build solutions and solve meaningful problems together.

One significant driver in all of this is our persistent curiosity to learn and understand. Armed with new knowledge and insight, we continuously improve everything around us.

We want to help as many individuals and organizations as possible to achieve their goals.

Meet the team


Guillermo Sanchez

Ali Seyedmehdi
Head of People

Ilana Sokolovski
People Ops Generalist

Elena Arroyo
HR Business Partner

Karina Watermeyer

Marianne Bro

Tanya Behrendt

Alphonsine Bourceret
Product Lead

Indre Leonaviciute
Product Manager

Dmytro Belko
Product Marketer

Maggie Kuang
Product Designer

Artur Polatti
Product Designer

Irfan Nurkanović
Technical Product Owner

Bert Spoor
Product Specialist

Felix Hageloh
Dev Lead

Martiniano Felici

Alejandro Mansor

Italo Araújo

Paulo Soares

Leandro Thimóteo

Rodrigo Soares

Paolo Tozzo

Gisele Bidese
QA Engineer

Phillip Griffiths
Chief Customer Officer

Julianna Olianti
Customer Success Lead

George Kolokythas
Customer Success

Agnieszka Szewerniak
Customer Success

Adinda Hahn
Customer Success

Eva Reijnierse
Customer Success

Joeri van Beek
Customer Success

Iliana Gonzalez
Customer Success

Patrick Alphonso
Customer Success

Ximena Maza
Customer Support Lead

Manuel Torres
Customer Support

Saabirah Mohamed
Customer Support

Busranur Koroglu
Customer Support

Bill McInerny
Sales Lead US

Julia Dahm
Sales Strategy & Operations Lead

Aleksandar Kehayov
Account Executive

Monica Puntarello
Account Executive

Arrainaa Rajdev
Account Executive

Phivos Kyriakides
Regional Sales

Björn Selier
Regional Sales

Robert Wiersema
Regional Sales

Gisela Duarte
Regional Sales

Fabienne Maire
Regional Sales

Nicholas Bianchini
Regional Sales

Sachchid Chhatbar
Business Development

Ayodeji Adeyeye
Business Development

Ignacio Bilmes
Business Development

Lucas Talamo
Business Development

Abdulrahman Khandach
Business Development

Tomas Mockus
Finance Manager

Laura Visser
Legal Counsel

Yasmina Amaadchak
Project Coordinator

Zachary Levine
Technical Consultant

Danielius Antanavicius
Integration Engineer

Nicolas Dumortier
Onboarding & Solution Consultant

Diana Tellez
Onboarding & Solution Consultant

Waldi Weisz Blanchetta
Digital Transformation Lead

Sarah Kruger
Marketing Lead

Mark Blokhuis
Performance Marketer

Katarzyna Siewarga
Social Media Manager

Joost Buijs
Web & Content Design

Karolina Mlcochova
Graphic Designer

Gábor Vincze
Operations Lead

Umer Khan

Paul Raja
Data Ops Lead

Stela Vrashkova
Catalog Producer

Sean Rice
Catalog Producer

Katarina Jovanovic
Catalog Producer

Vladimir Janjic
Catalog Producer

Ady van den Berg
Catalog Producer

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