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“Clothing for people who live fully, play long, and travel well."

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Short interview with Gary Penn.

Head of Digital and Global eCommerce at prAna Living

Why are you using online catalogs?

“We have received extremely positive feedback on our printed catalogs and our sustainable and durable clothing and accessories for men and women. The catalogs highlight our Men’s, Women’s and Accessories product lines via the journeys of our prAna ambassadors. They feature gorgeous images from Iceland, Scotland, Sumatra and other adventure destinations. With our online catalog we can share these journeys with a broader audience while further reducing our environmental impact.”

Why did you choose Publitas?

“prAna discovered Publitas when seeking a seamless solution that was easy to integrate with our current website and allowed for a desktop and mobile experience that showed off our catalog. Publitas struck the right balance between technology, capability and ease of use.”

How has your business benefited by using online catalogs?

“Online catalogs allow us to share our travel adventures and clothing line with a broad audience in a sustainable manner, anywhere at any time.”

“We see revenue in our analytics measurement tools that is directly attributed to customers who touched our digital catalog during their session.”

Features used by prAna.

Read on to find out which features are used by prAna and why.

Works on iOS & Android devices

Publitas publications are tailor made for desktops and mobile devices. This is important for prAna to make sure they can share their catalogs anywhere at any time.


prAna added their logo and favicon to the Publitas viewer. They also use custom hotspot icons and they changed the color of the buttons to match their brand. This way, they make sure their catalog seamlessly merges with the rest of their content. Read more about how branding works.

Custom domain

By using a custom domain, prAna makes sure that their catalogs are available on instead of This not only aligns better with the prAna branding but also improves the rankings of their online catalogs in search engine result pages.

Product view

The product view allows prAna’s customers to stay inside the online publication while browsing for more product information. Click here to see what that looks like.

Import product feed

prAna uses our product feed feature to import their store’s products. This way they don’t have to manually enter all their product information when tagging products in their catalog.

Track original source

prAna is using a custom tracking script so they can determine the original referral source when the online catalogs drive traffic to their online store. They do this because seeing Publitas as the referrer when a purchase takes place does not always tell the whole story. For example, with the custom script they are able to measure the catalog conversions that originally took place through the email newsletter.

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