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Customer Case: Media Markt

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Interview with Peter Scholtes.

Peter Scholtes is Manager Online Marketing and Sales at Media Markt & Saturn, which are two of the most present and notable retail brands in the Netherlands. Media Markt & Saturn have launched digital versions of their catalogs as part of their multichannel strategy, and are now reaching more people early in the discovery phase of shopping.

Why did you decide to publish your catalogs online?

“Making our catalogs available online perfectly fits the multichannel strategy that Media Markt & Saturn believe in. Being where your customers are is truly important here. We distribute our paper catalog every week, but that’s restricted to home addresses or one of our stores. The digital catalog, however, is available on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. It’s also clickable and easy to enrich with extra content, further closing the gap between the on- and offline world.”

Why did you choose Publitas?

“One of the reasons we chose Publitas to digitize our catalogs is because it’s iOS compatible. It’s also a delight to work with this tool because of the drag and drop interface as well as the integration with our product feed, making it easy to tag our products. The speed of your support department has also been great so far. I’m very happy with this solution as it’s a great addition to the entire marketing mix.”

What results did you get?

“We’ve been able to better serve our customers where, how and when it’s convenient for them. A medium that was previously only available on paper is now generating traffic through catalog portals, affiliates, and social media. As a result, we’re now reaching more people early on in the discovery phase of shopping. We’ve also made the digital catalog clickable, which has brought us one step closer to offering a seamless shopping experience. This has helped us generate more relevant traffic because the customers from our digital publications land directly on the relevant products in the online store.”

Here's how you can get similar results.

Tag products with hotspots to make your publications shoppable.

With Publitas it’s easy to tag the products in your digital publication with ‘hotspots’. This makes your publication shoppable and will allow your customers to click on products to get more information such as product descriptions, prices, images and videos. If your customers like what they see, it’s easy for them to continue their shopping journey on your online store, directly on the relevant product.

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Link to your digital publication on your homepage for extra exposure.

A trend we’re seeing with all of our successful customers; they link to their digital catalog on their homepage to increase its visibility. This way, website visitors can browse the catalog to see what new products and deals are available before checking out the online store.

Use your newsletter to showcase your publication.

Email newsletters are a great way to increase traffic to your digital publications. On average, about one-fifth of visits to digital publications come from email newsletters, which is a significant chunk of any retailer’s traffic. Here’s how Media Markt uses newsletters to showcase their publication:

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Share your publications on social media.

Media Markt shares all of their publications on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This way they keep their social following engaged while also driving more traffic to their online store.