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Customer Case: Jumbo

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Interview with Ilse van Breugel.

Ilse van Breugel is an online marketeer at Jumbo, a supermarket chain that is consistently voted as “Supermarket of the Year” in the Netherlands. Jumbo aims to be the ideal supermarket and strives to achieve this with their formula: “Best service, widest range of products, lowest price.” They’ve recently launched their first online catalogs to inspire their customers and to reach more people. So far the results have been very positive, as they are reaching an audience that they couldn’t reach with their paper catalogs.

What can you tell us about your paper publications?

“We publish a magazine “Hallo Jumbo” that helps us inspire our customers to try out different products. We also distribute our “Hallo Voordeel” catalogs to display our latest deals and promotions. Both of these help us engage our customers and drive them to our stores, ultimately leading to a purchase.”

Why did you decide to start publishing your publications online?

“It’s difficult to reach all of our customers with the paper publications alone, mainly because of distribution. For example, our paper magazine “Hallo Jumbo” is distributed house to house twice a year, and the other seven issues are only available in our physical stores. And while the “Hallo Voordeel” catalogs are both available in-store and distributed once a month, we’re seeing that more people are choosing not to receive them for environmental reasons. We needed a new way to reach and inspire these people, and that’s why we decided to publish our publications online too.”

Why did you choose Publitas?

“Publitas is easy to use and gives us the means to act fast while being flexible. We can get our catalogs online almost instantly, which is very important for us. Publitas also allows us to easily connect our catalogs to our online store, and we can easily add links to our publications. Last but not least, Publitas is also visually attractive, making it a joy to use.”

What results did you get?

“We’re reaching an audience that we couldn’t reach with our paper catalogs and magazines. Online distribution is a lot easier, so whenever we don’t distribute our paper catalog, our customers can view the online version instead. We’ve also linked our magazine with our online pastry store, which in turn allows customers to place orders directly from the magazine.”

Here's how you can get similar results.

Leverage the benefits of online publishing

Distributing a paper version of your magazine or catalog can be costly, time-consuming, and it can take a few days before your customers get to see your latest offers. On the other hand, creating and distributing the digital version is a matter of minutes. This allows you to publish right when you need to, and you can consider publishing catalogs online more frequently to keep your customers engaged.

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Link to your digital publication on your homepage for extra exposure.

Jumbo links to their digital magazine on their homepage to increase its visibility. This way, website visitors can browse the magazine to find out what new products and recipes are available.

Use your newsletter to showcase your publication.

Email newsletters are a great way to increase traffic to your digital publications. On average, about one-fifth of visits to digital publications come from email newsletters, which is a significant chunk of any retailer’s traffic. This is how Jumbo links to their digital magazine from their email newsletter:

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Add your publication to your Facebook Page to drive social traffic.

One way to display your latest products to your fans is by sharing your digital publication on your Facebook Page.

Learn more about sharing here.