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Customer Case: Expresso Fashion

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Interview with Carmen Smeets.

Carmen is an online marketer at Expresso Fashion, a Dutch fashion brand for women. They’ve launched a digital version of their magazine to inspire their online customers, and the results have been very positive. Interestingly, the customer segment that regularly visits the digital magazine is more engaged and spends more than the website average.

Why is your paper magazine important to you?

“The magazine is a great way to inspire people. We use it to engage new customers with our brand, as well as to help existing customers discover new looks that we’ve put together for them. We’ve literally had customers visit our physical stores with the paper magazine in their hands, asking for a specific look to try on.”

Why did you use the paper magazine online?

“Many of our online customers fit the same profile as the customers that visit our store; they’re often looking for shopping inspiration. To serve this group, we needed an online solution that could give us the same benefits as the paper magazine, but we didn’t have the capacity or resources to invest in expensive development and content creation.”

Why did you choose Publitas?

“Publitas’s digital publications look and work great on all the most popular devices, and I was looking for a tool that could help me do more than just convert a PDF. With Publitas we can easily tag the products in our digital magazine, providing customers with extra product information, videos and images. Our customers can now also buy directly from the magazine. In short, Publitas has enabled us to turn our paper magazine into an online source of inspiration. It’s the ideal channel to showcase our products and it also helps increase conversion.”

What results did you get?

“We’ve made it easier for our customers to move from inspiration to purchase, and by using our digital magazine as content for advertising we’ve attracted new customers as well. We’ve also created a segment in Google Analytics to specifically track our online magazine readers, and as of now, this segment consistently outperforms the website average when it comes to conversion.”

Here's how you can get similar results.

Tag products with hotspots to make your publications shoppable.

With Publitas it’s easy to tag the products in your digital publication with ‘hotspots’. This makes your publication shoppable and will allow your customers to click on products to get more information such as product descriptions, prices, images and videos. It also allows your customers to share or purchase these products directly from the catalog. Here’s what that looks like in Expresso Fashion’s magazine:
A screenshot of product hotspot, showcasing a dress, inside Expresso Fashion's catalog. 
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Link to your digital publication on your homepage for extra exposure.

Expresso Fashion links to their digital magazine on their homepage to increase its visibility. This way, website visitors can browse the magazine to see what new products and looks are available before checking out the online store.

Use your newsletter to showcase your publication.

Email newsletters are a great way to increase traffic to your digital publications. On average, about one-fifth of visits to digital publications come from email newsletters, which is a significant chunk of any retailer’s traffic. This is how Expresso Fashion links to their digital magazine from their email newsletter:

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Add your publication to your Facebook Page to drive social traffic.

One way to display your latest products to your fans is by sharing your digital publication on your Facebook page.

Learn more about sharing here.