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Hop into Spring with 5 Easter-Themed Digital Catalog Examples

Eight easter eggs painted in various patterns made with shades of blue

Easter is a sales season with tremendous potential, so it’s crucial not to overlook the opportunity. 

To help inspire you, we’ve curated a selection of Easter-themed digital catalog examples created by our customers who have outdone themselves this year (as they do every year) with their creative, engaging, and stunning designs.

Aldi Süd

Aldi is a popular grocery store chain that operates across multiple European countries. We appreciate their skillful use of color and mood-setting imagery in their digital catalogs, which evoke warm family memories. 

By incorporating small GIFs and animated elements into their catalogs, Aldi has succeeded in creating a more captivating and enjoyable browsing experience.

AldiSudEasterInspiration Publitas

American Girl 

Rather than producing a separate publication specifically for Easter, American Girl made a wise decision to incorporate Easter-themed pages into their existing catalog. This approach is particularly effective if your product assortment is available year-round and you don’t carry a significant amount of Easter-specific items. 

American Girl demonstrated their creativity by featuring their dolls in an Easter-themed scene complete with baskets filled with colorful eggs. The pastel hues used in the scene perfectly capture the spirit of Easter.

American Girl Easter Catalog Publitas
Image sourced from American Girl 2023 

Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is a very popular Dutch supermarket chain. They regularly produce guides for celebratory occasions such as Christmas and Easter. Their Easter 2023 guide, in particular, stands out to us for its exquisite design. The vibrant and warm color palette used throughout the booklet instantly conjures up feelings of spring, Easter, and joy.

Another aspect we admire about this brand is the way they showcase their products in the guide. They artfully present them on a beautifully decorated table and tag each product with an informational hotspot. Additionally, the guide includes recipes that readers can easily access and order all the necessary ingredients with just a few clicks. 

This practical and engaging approach makes shopping and meal planning a breeze for their customers.

AlbertHeijnEasterInspiration Publitas
Image sourced from: Albert Heijn Catalog

Easter-Themed Digital Catalog Game Inspiration

A particularly clever inclusion in the guide is a fun game embedded within the booklet. On page 59, readers are invited to count the number of chicks hidden throughout the catalog and submit their answers, along with their names and email address, for a chance to win a prize.

Not only does this game encourage readers to thoroughly browse through the catalog again, but it also enables the brand to expand its potential shopper audience by collecting the contact information of those who participate.

AlbertHeijnEasterGame Publitas
Image sourced from: Albert Heijn Catalog


Gump’s is a legendary retailer offering high-end gifts, fine jewelry, and home decor since its founding in 1861. Despite its rich history, the brand has shown its ability to keep up with the times by creating stunning interactive catalogs. We’re particularly drawn to their latest publication, which features organic shapes in the background, perfectly capturing the essence of spring.

What sets this catalog apart is the use of unique and original imagery to showcase their exquisite, handcrafted decor items in a playful and attention-grabbing manner.

GumpsEasterCatalogue Publitas
Image sourced from: Gumps Easter Gift guide

Weir’s Furniture

Weir’s Furniture is a family-owned furniture and decor store based in the USA. 

Their online retail catalog has a strong focus on the products themselves, with a predominantly white background and images that highlight interesting details of each item. 

This approach creates a clean and sophisticated aesthetic that perfectly aligns with the brand’s vision and overall image.

Weirs Furniture Easter-Themed Digital Catalog
Image sourced from: Weirs Easter Lookbook

These five Easter-themed digital catalog examples showcase a range of innovative approaches to capturing the essence of spring and Easter in their design and content. From incorporating interactive games to showcasing products in creative and eye-catching ways, these catalogs offer valuable inspiration for brands and retailers looking to make the most of the Easter sales season. 

Whether it’s a focus on product details, unique imagery, or a clean and sophisticated aesthetic, there are endless ways to capture the spirit of the season and engage customers through digital catalogs. 
We hope that these examples have provided valuable insights and inspiration for your own Easter-themed marketing campaigns.

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