A small taste of our culture

We're guided by a desire to do things better and to improve the world around us. We love creating remarkable products that we are truly passionate about. With these ambitions, we’re always looking for creative catalysts to take Publitas.com to the next level. Scroll down to get a glimpse of our culture—maybe you'll fit in :)

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We care about people and impact

Results and impact matter more than hours spent. This gives us the freedom and flexibility to be human while delivering great work.

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Work from anywhere, anytime

Travel the globe or simply work from your trusty sofa. You can connect remotely, work asynchronously, and be fully location independent.

Self-driven through our values & habits

We empower people to take responsibility and make their own choices. Our values & habits—a cultural manifesto on how we operate—make this possible.

Have a look at our values & habits on values.publitas.com.

We’re committed to your growth

When you get more out of your day, so do we! We value every individual and focus on helping you find and improve your strengths and passions.

Enjoy memorable team retreats

Once a year, we get together in surprise exotic locations. Spend invaluable days reflecting, socializing, learning, dreaming, and having fun. Retreats help us strengthen our culture and align plans for the future.

We got you covered

During our hiring process, we make sure you get real working experience in the position you're applying for. You'll go through a sample of challenges and meet your future team members. This makes it possible for us to offer employment contracts of indefinite duration right from the start.



"What I like most about Publitas is the flexibility in our work and the individual approach we're encouraged to take to it. The flexibility offered by remote working, in trying new outside the box projects, flexibility to try new things and collaborate to learn from people with different skill sets to you."

What you'll get

  • Work from anywhere
  • Home office set-up
  • Flexible work hours
  • Wellness allowance
  • Free Publitas gear
  • Annual in-person retreats
  • Personal coaching
  • Free books on Kindle and Audible
  • 25 vacation days per year and your National Holidays off
  • Any work-related training, courses, or conferences are covered
  • Co-working allowance

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Be part of a diverse and international team

We like to see ourselves as a sports team, where each individual excels in their preferred playing position. To hire the best people with the right skills and cultural fit, we hire across the globe. Have a look!