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Interactive content immerses users, prompting active participation, deepening connection, and enhancing content absorption. All work together to elevate engagement.

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Interactive content captivates users, prompts participation, and drives curiosity, resulting in increased CTR.


Interactive content lets you add various shoppable hotspot layers, encouraging users to convert throughout their journey.

Unsurprisingly, 88% of marketers consider interactive content a crucial tool for brand differentiation.

Benefits of interactive video for fashion brands:

Use interactive videos to showcase the fit and usability of your product

Take your customers on an exploratory journey, allowing them to experience your collection in a real way directly from their devices.

Add eCommerce layers that improve engagement and CTR

Publitas interactive lets you add various eCommerce layers, from the ‘closet’ feature to ‘shop the look’. Allow customers to view your products first and then show a CTA to capture their intent.

Capture valuable leads directly from your video content

Add forms to your videos to enable users to claim discounts, sign up for newsletters, book appointments, and more.

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"Spott seems like very good software to have. I’m impressed by what I see, there are many possibilities we can do."

Mike M. - CEO - Wellness and Fitness


"Life changer. Everything is smooth and easy to configure. Support is available all the time!"

Nuno P. - Founder - Media Production

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