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Pepperi is a global company serving over 1,000 customers across 65 countries. It offers brand manufacturers and distributors a unified B2B commerce platform that seamlessly connects all front-end channels, including B2B e-commerce, sales force automation, DSD and route accounting, retail merchandising, and inside sales solutions, with a single, robust backend system. With Pepperi, businesses can streamline their operations, empower their sales teams, and deliver consistent experience and data across multiple channels.


  • Omni-Channel Sales & Automation: Streamlines sales across multiple channels and automates routine tasks.
  • Mobile CRM & Order Management: Provides a mobile CRM system and simplifies order processing.
  • E-Catalogs & Inventory Management: Offers digital catalogs and helps manage inventory levels.
  • Analytics & Integration: Delivers performance analytics and integrates with various ERP systems.
  • Customization & Scalability: Highly customizable and scalable to meet growing business needs.
  • Cloud-Based Platform: Accessible from anywhere, reducing the need for extensive IT infrastructure.
Infographic showing Pepperi platform architecture. Mobile field sales, B2B commerce, Inside sales & support, all connected to the Back Office that handles data and payments.