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About has everything you need for your daily care and your pets. Whether your favorite shower gel is almost empty, your toothbrush needs to be replaced, or the detergent has run out, you will get it delivered within 24 hours. From the distribution center, thousands of parcels are sent to Dutch and Belgian households every day. Since 2019, the head office is situated in Maarssen (Utrecht NL), working with a young and driven team. has an affordable and personal range of care products for every customer, and are rightfully very proud of that.

“Publitas, for us, is a stable tool we can rely on, so the basics are always right. Next to that, the editor works smoothly, and if we need help, our Customer Success Manager is there for us.”

janneke bongartz Publitas

Janneke Bongartz
Marketing Manager,

We are continually trying to personalize the shopping experience for our consumers. To tackle this, we use a Dynamic flyer. A data capture system has been set up in collaboration with Publitas. As we collect data, we get to know our clients ever-better. We can serve up personalized content and continuously improve the customer experience.

We work together to optimize and personalize the dynamic flyers so that shoppers will get a personalized experience that is always up-to-date when they browse through the flyer.

Publitas provides an easy, reliable, and reasonably priced tool to make online flyers.

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"It's easier for our customers to move from inspiration to purchase. Online magazine readers outperform the website average when it comes to conversion."
carmen smeets Publitas

Carmen Smeets

Online Marketeer
"Publitas covers every need our company and customers have. The functionalities available make our catalogs shine and help create attractive publications for our (future) customers."
erika zavala anzo Publitas

Erika Zavala Anzo

Director of Omnichannel and E-business
"We have been using the Publitas Platform for years and are still very satisfied. Publitas is ahead of the curve in technological developments in their field and the market. They are constantly developing new features that we can use and thus stay one step ahead. They always think along, with questions or requests from our side, and often know how to resolve them quickly.”
esther de reus Publitas

Esther de Reus

Content Manager