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About Heartland America

Established in 1985, Heartland America, is a trusted catalog company offering high-quality products at affordable prices. With free mail-order catalogs and convenient online shopping, we provide thousands of brand-name overstocks, liquidations, and renewed products. Our experienced team sources the best deals, ensuring excellent value. We specialize in unique categories like Nostalgia, As Seen On TV, Coins & Collectibles, DIY, and Refurbished items. We prioritize customer happiness and provide secure ordering and personalized customer service. We offer a one-of-a-kind shopping journey, delivering the charm of a small-town main street to your doorstep.

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Short interview with David Cain

Web Graphic Designer at Heartland America

Why are you using online publications?

“They’re a great way to share our print catalog with our customers online for reference and a shopping alternative to catalog ordering.”

Did you use any other online publications before?

“We handled the online catalog internally by hosting it on our site in a manner similar to our internal intranet service, so it was searchable.”

Why did you decide to use Publitas?

“We needed a simpler solution that allowed customers to shop directly from the online catalog and required less effort on our part to put live on the site.”

How satisfied are you with Publitas, and what stands out for you when working with Publitas?

“The service is great overall; features work well for our needs, and communication is perfect. We know Publitas is always there to help whenever we encounter an issue.”

How has your business benefited from using online catalogs?

“Provides another avenue for revenue for customers that want to shop from the catalog but online as well, the best of both worlds. Also works well as an email and social marketing tool.”

How well is the online catalog received by your audience (reading time, reach)?

“Overall, really well. We’ve maintained a relatively large audience using the online catalog tool, and they tend to view the entire catalog when viewing it. Customers love how easy it is to use and shop from.”

Can you tell us anything about the results?

“We’ve seen increases across the board in the viewership and use of our online publications, and they make great promotional tools for us because they continue to drive reliable awareness and revenue.”

How well does our service meet your company’s needs?

“Very well, we’re able to upload and tag our catalog for our customers to reference and shop from on any device at any time.”

Would you recommend Publitas, and why?

“Yes, it’s a great solution for online publications with a lot of features that give you lots of flexibility. It enhances our customers’ shopping experiences.”

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"Online catalogs allow us to share our travel adventures and clothing line with a broad audience in a sustainable manner, anywhere at any time."
prana gary penn Publitas

Gary Penn

Head of eCommerce
"ConnectMii is very satisfied with Publitas. We especially like the personal contact with our account rep, who took time to help us find ways to make our Publitas publications even more effective for us, at no extra cost to us."
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