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Need for interactive online conference program guidebooks.




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Approx. 26 p/y

About ConnectMii

ConnectMii combines the best of physical events and video-enabled convenience. The virtual conference experiences ConnectMii enables are an excellent solution for a wide variety of events – informational, educational, and entertainment events can all benefit from the greater attendance numbers that virtual events provide. ConnectMii makes it possible to feature live speaker presentations, engaging video and educational content, and real-time audience interaction … all from the comfort of your desktop. Presenters answer questions, poll the audience, and participate in panel discussions. Attendees question presenters and chat one-on-one. All presentations are recorded for post-event on-demand viewing.

“ConnectMii is very satisfied with Publitas. We especially like the personal contact with our account rep, who took time to help us find ways to make our Publitas publications even more effective for us, at no extra cost to us.”

anne feldmann Publitas

Anne Feldmann
SVP Operations, ConnectMii

With Publitas, ConnectMii can easily guide their attendees through the conference program. They can use the interactive publication to view archived videos, learn about speakers and sponsors, and even book 1:1 video meetings with sponsors. Publitas enables a seamless Digital Conference experience.

Publitas works well for us, as we run virtual events, and we use the publications as interactive online Conference Program Guidebooks.

We would recommend Publitas to any company looking to create elegant but easy-to-set-up interactive online publications.

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"It's easier for our customers to move from inspiration to purchase. Online magazine readers outperform the website average when it comes to conversion."
carmen smeets Publitas

Carmen Smeets

Online Marketeer
Publitas, for us, is a stable tool we can rely on, so the basics are always right. Next to that, the editor works smoothly, and if we need help, our Customer Success Manager is there for us."
janneke bongartz Publitas

Janneke Bongartz

Marketing Manager
"The biggest reason for us to use online publications is to connect the off- and online world to create an omnichannel experience for our customers."
vera ader Publitas

Vera Ader

Senior E-Commerce Manager at BUTLERS