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About Paper Source

Paper Source is a lifestyle brand that provides inspiration and products that help our customers to live better, give more often, create from the heart and celebrate all of life’s moments.

karima ridgley Publitas

Short interview with Karima Ridgley.

Chief Marketing and Digital Commerce Officer at Paper Source

Why are you using online catalogs?

“We were looking for a way to translate our heritage marketing catalog to a new digital format. The Publitas system made content more engaging by allowing us to tie our photography to video and other multimedia content, creating richer, more dimensional storytelling for our readers.”

Why did you choose Publitas?

“We were looking for a budget-friendly, flexible platform that would allow us to bring our heritage printed catalog to life in an interactive, digital format. Publitas has been a great answer to that business challenge. And through the pandemic, as we have cut back on physical catalogs, we have been able to leverage the Publitas platform in new ways as we think about content in a digital-first mindset.”

How satisfied are you with Publitas and what stands out for you when working with Publitas?

“Using Publitas has expanded our possibilities beyond a traditional printed catalog and allowed us to not only showcase new products, but also to bring inspiration to customers by adding how-to videos, GIFs, and informative blogs. This platform enables us to tell a holistic story by offering multiple resources to the customer whether it be linking to the product, promoting our social channels or driving to full collections on our website in a user-friendly way.”

How has your business benefited by using online catalogs?

“Introducing an online catalog has been a perfect solution to our digital-first mindset. It is an easy tool for customers to flip through as they shop for the season and add products directly to the cart for a seamless shopping experience. We are able to tell a story on each page in the same way a customer would shop by table in store, finding all the right items needed to help them give, live, create and celebrate life’s moments.”

How well is the online catalog received by your audience?

“In the same way one might look forward to receiving a catalog in the mail, our customers respond well to being able to browse digitally through our “gift guides” or trend moments and offers a go-to place for customers to experience the highlights of the season.”

Can you tell us anything about the results?

“Our January e-catalog (Jan 6 – Jan 25), has had nearly 23,000 page views and has beat our average site conversion and AOV metrics.”

How well does our service meet your company’s needs?

“Publitas has been both a great solution to business challenges that Paper Source was facing on the onset of the pandemic, but they have also provided tools that allowed us to leverage all of the multimedia content we were creating in way to engage the customer in an easy way.”

Would you recommend Publitas, and why?

“Our team would recommend using Publitas. The tool is easy to use, seamlessly syncs with our existing product management tools and our customer success manager has been a tremendous resource in our success providing great service and communication.”

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