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About La Anónima

At La Anónima, they work every day so that their customers find much more than what they’re looking for when they shop. That is why they strive to provide their customers with the best service, always offering the highest quality products and the freshest produce. It is their commitment to their customers and their families.

adriana barbera Publitas

Short interview with Adriana Barbera.

Head of Publications and Programming, Marketing and Communications Management

Why do you use digital publications?

“Before the pandemic we had already started offering our customers digital catalogues. We would upload a PDF version of the printed catalog to our website, with no other added value to the user experience. In the pandemic, the role of digital catalogues has become more relevant and today they are an indispensable tool to promote the products across our different departments.”

Have you used any other digital publishing platforms before?

“Yes. We have used Readz for fashion catalogues a couple of times. Our product was a cross between a catalogue and a lookbook. But we needed a single solution for all of our publications and we started publishing our Technology and Home product catalogues using Publitas.”

Why did you decide to use Publitas?

“We came across Publitas through our agency AVI Gráfica y Diseño. Marcelo Cutini — a consultant at the agency — gave us five options to look at, suggesting that Publitas was the tool that would best suit our needs. At present, AVI Gráfica is in charge of the design and publication of all our catalogs using Publitas.”

How satisfied are you with Publitas and what stands out for you working with Publitas?

“We’re satisfied with Publitas. We started with Electronics catalogues, then we included the Fashion and Home specials and we recently added the Mass Goods specials. 100% of the catalogues are published in digital format.”

“We’ve begun the process of becoming a certified B Corporation, reinforcing our social, economic and environmental commitments to the communities where we are present. To stop producing printed catalogues is a priority for us.”

How has your business benefited from the use of online catalogues?

“By using online catalogues, as well as reducing our environmental impact, we have been able to learn more about our customers, their needs and behaviour. We know from the metrics that 80% of our catalogues are viewed from mobile devices and that more than 75% of the readers are women. We also know which products in each campaign generate the most interest.”

How well do your customers receive the online catalogue (reading time, reach)?

“We are really very surprised by the time they spend — on average — going through our catalogues, from 3 to 4 minutes, and from a mobile phone it is an important amount of time that our customers devote to us. Capturing their attention for that amount of time is surprising, given the constant stimuli one receives from a mobile phone. Another interesting fact is that the average person reads over 75% of a given catalogue, even ones with a lot of pages. This information is very valuable to our business.”

Do you measure the store visits generated by the online publication?

“Yes, it is something that we measure and that is growing. The next step in our roadmap is to integrate the shopping basket with the online catalogue in order to complete the purchase funnel from top to bottom.”

To what extent does our service satisfy your needs?

“Publitas’ service meets the current needs of publishing online catalogues. We are carefully following the tool’s evolution, and we expect the company to have an ambitious roadmap. We would like to see new features which would help us improve the customer experience and the conversion rate of our publications.”

Would you recommend Publitas, and if so, why?

“We didn’t come across Publitas by chance, but through a lot of research and trialling. We believe that it is an excellent tool and we trust in its growth and consolidation, so we would recommend it. Their customer service is an aspect that we would highlight. They have always responded in a timely manner to any needs that we have had over the course of the last few years.”

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