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About Gall & Gall

Gall & Gall has been selling drinks since 1884. Within the Netherlands, it’s the largest specialist in the area of beer, wine, and liquor. With 600 stores, an online store, and a vast assortment of 1500 different kinds of wines, giving advice and storytelling is an integral part of their success. Gall & Gall wants to tell you the story ‘behind the bottle’- about the grape that grows on a volcano, the crack in the barn in Islay that gives a whiskey its salty taste.

“We have been using the Publitas Platform for years and are still very satisfied. Publitas is ahead of the curve in technological developments in their field and the market. They are constantly developing new features that we can use and thus stay one step ahead. They always think along, with questions or requests from our side, and often know how to resolve them quickly.”

esther de reus Publitas

Esther de Reus
Content Manager,

Publitas helps tell these stories by providing a future-proof platform that is easy to use and continuously developing. Thanks to its digital publication, is a platform that allows their customers to discover new products and promotions, while a product overlay provides an engaging background story.

The service that Publitas offers is, in a word, fantastic! Publitas answers questions super fast, and if the question needs some research, they let know so we know what to expect. Publitas looks to the future when it comes to Digital publications as a channel and comes with solutions on how to handle the development of digital publications. Besides being friendly and quick, Publitas also looks at the next steps, de Reus adds.

The Platform works super simple. Everybody who works with it masters it in no-time. The service is fantastic, and the technological developments never stop.