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About Alphamega

With 16 stores and 1700 employees to date, Alphamega Hypermarkets are among the largest and most well-known hypermarkets in Cyprus, with a reputation for stocking the finest and most varied selection of local and imported international products.

Alphamega is proud of its unique customer shopping experience, further enhanced by its team that’s always ready to help and assist. Their ultra-modern, spacious hypermarkets offer consumers an abundance of quality products at a wide range of prices. Each day, they carefully select top fruit, quality meat, and fresh fish. Bakers prepare a wide variety of pastries in the early hours of the day.

danae dermatis Publitas

Short interview with Danae Dermatis

Senior Digital Executive at C.A. Papaellinas Emporiki Ltd (AlphaMega)

Why are you using online publications?

“Our 2020 mission was to cease printing our paper leaflets in order to reduce paper waste. However, it was still very important to us to find another way to communicate our offers to our customers. Therefore, we started looking for an innovative and user-friendly platform to publish and pre-schedule our leaflets online that also gave us the flexibility to edit and make changes if needed, once the leaflets were published.”

Did you use any other online publications before?

“We didn’t have to. We were very fortunate with Publitas, as it was the first online publication platform we tried and tested. The user-friendliness and all the features it provided made Publitas an obvious and ideal choice for us.”

How satisfied are you with Publitas, and what stands out for you when working with Publitas?

“The most important thing about Publitas is its customer service and the fact that they are always available with quick solutions whenever we need them. Publitas has so many publication tools, and they keep adapting and innovating by creating new solutions for us, which have made them a true asset in our journey of launching our eCommerce website.”

How has your business benefited by using online publications?

“Prior to taking our leaflets online, our customers would only find out about our offers from direct marketing methods such as printed leaflets, tv, and radio spots. Now with Publitas, they can find our leaflets online from our offers section on our eCommerce website. This is great as our offers are now just a few clicks away for all our customers.”

How well are the online leaflets received by your audience?

“We started publishing our leaflets online with Publitas to reduce waste and to reach our 2020 mission target. The online leaflets were read by our customers right from the get-go, however, they became increasingly more popular after we launched our eCommerce website; viewership doubled, and customers had the ability to add items directly to their basket whilst browsing through the leaflets.”

How well does our service meet your company’s needs?

“Publitas is a wonderful solution provider for Alphamega Hypermarkets, they have responded to all our needs and are always quick to find solutions when we need them.”

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