Publish Dynamic Catalogs.
Produce Relevant Content Faster.

Play into commercial demands at a moment’s notice. Generate feed-powered & data-driven catalogs that stay up-to-date.

Catalog on mobile phone, products populated from database.

Bring down costs and publish more frequently.

You can generate Dynamic Catalogs from your product inventory. Skip paper DTP processes and get straight into marketing.

  • Publish online-only content that plays into current commercial demands.

  • Easily whip up thematic specials such as a Christmas gift guide.

Keep your content relevant and up-to-date.

Dynamic pricing & content allows you to make changes on the fly and synchronize with your online store.

  • Replace out-of-stock products with similar products from your product inventory in real-time.

  • Keep the prices in your catalog up-to-date with the prices in your online store.

Catalog on tablet, pricing and content can refresh in real time.
Catalog on mobile phone, showing mobile grid of products.

Deliver a better user experience by going beyond 1-on-1 conversion.

The dynamic catalog takes things a step further than just publishing your paper catalog online.

  • Use Mobile First Design principles to ensure the best possible experience across devices.

  • Easily embed or integrate other tools and online content. Examples include videos, store locators, and newsletter signup forms.

Leverage the synergy between data collection & personalization.

The catalog is a data gold mine that feeds into your DMP. Enriched user profiles help you show the right products to the right shoppers at the right time.

Add personalized recommendations to your catalogs in the form of pop-ups or banners.

Create a fully personalized and smart catalog that adapts to your shoppers in real-time.

Build-out user data profiles that you can leverage on other marketing channels.

Gain valuable and actionable insights that allow you to make data-driven decisions.

"The real-time flyer enables direct one-to-one flyer communication between retailers and customers. The innovative dynamic aspect makes the online flyer even more personal and relevant.”

Photo of Peter Scholtes

Peter Scholtes
Director Online Marketing, Nextail

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How it works


2. Generate & Publish

Generate & publish your dynamic catalog through our platform using filters and a dynamic catalog grid.

3. Measure & Improve

Measure & improve your catalog through gathered data and actionable insights.

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