Performance Optimization

We'll help you improve the results from your publications through full-service tailored entirely to your needs.

With our performance optimization service, we'll support and advise you in achieving any project, goal, or idea for your publications. Have a look below for an indication of the type of projects we can help with.

Mobile-first design optimization

content & design

Multimedia enrichment

content & design

Call-to-Action review

content & design

A/B and multivariate tests

content & design

Accessibility assessment

content & design

eCommerce integration (seamless shopping)

custom integrations

DMP integration (personalized offers)

custom integrations

Marketing platform integration (lead-gen forms etc.)

custom integrations

SEO optimization for improved findability


Distribution on display and banner networks


Using publications in email marketing


Reach audiences on affiliate portals


Example case: Gall & Gall

A/B testing mobile design improvements for a liquor store flyer.

Paper flyer

Mobile optimized

Mobile optimized design:

  • Less copy
  • Fewer products
  • Bigger images
  • Clear CTAs
  • Good readability
  • More pages






Wishlist adds


Visit duration

Catalog Tagging

We'll take care of enriching your catalog with links, clickable products, and other interactions.

We know that uploading countless PDFs and tagging all the products in your publications can take ages for your team to get done. That's why we offer a service to do this for you. Our elite taggers will ensure your entire publication is tagged with incredible care and surgical precision.

Service packages

We tailor our services to your needs and budget, which is why our packages are hour-based.

If you want to gain more insight into how many hours might be right for you, feel free to contact us.


25 Hours

2750 EUR

Common uses:

  • Tagging ~5 catalogs
  • Design consult
  • Standard integrations
  • Distribution consult

50 Hours

5250 EUR

Common uses:

  • Tagging ~10 catalogs
  • Design A/B tests
  • Complex integrations
  • Distribution campaigns

100 Hours

10000 EUR

Common uses:

  • Tagging ~20 catalogs
  • Content improvements
  • Custom integrations
  • Channel optimization

Common uses:

  • Tagging 20+ catalogs
  • Content creation projects
  • Fully custom features
  • Omni-channel campaigns

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