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Partners & Integrations

Through integrations and partners, we ensure that Publitas fits in your infrastructure and that you get the best out of your publications.

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Spott helps Publitas customers with interactive shopping experiences via video.
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Generate actionable insights to better engage with your customers and deliver more effective cross-channel marketing campaigns.

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Adobe Analytics

Measure the performance of your catalogs through Adobe Analytics.
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Google Analytics

Measure the performance of your catalogs with a simple GA integration.

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Google Tag Manager

Quickly implement marketing tags to gain deeper insights into your campaigns and publications.
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Google Optimize

Improve your publication performance through A/B tests, experiments, and personalization.

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Efficiently run A/B tests and experiments to improve the performance of your digital experiences.

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Collect data from your publications to create data-driven user profiles. Use this data for highly personalized experiences.

logo adform Publitas


Leverage your Adform data to provide personalized recommendations in your publications.

logo lengow 1 Publitas


Product feed management. Easily get your product feed working to save time tagging products in your catalog.

logo channable Publitas


Save time tagging products in your catalog by managing your product feed with Channable.

logo productsup Publitas


Manage your product feed with Productsup to save time tagging products in your catalog.

logo datafeedwatch Publitas


A feed marketing solution to help you tag products in your catalog.
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Increase the reach of your flyers in the Netherlands by distributing them on

logo allefolders Publitas


Reach more shoppers in the Netherlands by sharing your flyers on AlleFolders.

logo nunl Publitas

Promote your flyers on to reach more Dutch shoppers.

logo promopromo Publitas


Increase the reach of your flyers in Belgium by distributing them on PromoPromo.

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Reach more shoppers in Belgium by sharing your flyers on myShopi.

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Bynder is a digital asset management system (DAM) that allows businesses to manage, store, and distribute digital assets such as images, videos, audio files, and documents in a centralized location. Benefits include increased productivity, cost savings, improved collaboration, and better control over digital assets.

Learn more about the Publitas x Bynder integration.