Dansk Sales Scout (Part-Time)

Develop our customer base in Scandinavia.

You’ll need two things as a Sales Scout: brains and an incredible drive. Working from our office in Amsterdam, you will be spending most of your time talking to businesses in Scandinavia to introduce Publitas.com and explain how we can help. Your main goal will be to set up a meeting with those firms, so we can really prove our worth.

You will be responsible for:

  • Making appointments with pre-defined potential customers in the Scandinavian market
  • Achieving sales goals, both independently and for the team
  • Identifying opportunities in the Scandinavian market

The ideal candidate for this position is:

  • An outgoing optimist with great communication skills
  • Driven to close the deal and preferably experienced in a commercial role
  • A native Danish speaker and fluent in English
  • In love with mobile devices and online applications


Proficiency in Swedish and/or Norwegian is a big plus.

What can you expect from us?

  • Option to work remotely
  • Free lunch
  • We'll cover your travel expenses
  • Unlimited budget for the Kindle Store and Apple App Store
  • A remarkable company culture
  • A great working environment in the center of Amsterdam

Convinced we can use your talents for a different job?