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Improving the conversion of our online flyer (leaflet)

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About Delhaize

Delhaize offers a unique experience and quality service, including online shopping for collection via pick-up points and home delivery. Delhaize offers a wide range with more than eight own-brand ranges and 20,000 high-quality products at competitive prices. Sustainable business is part of daily operations and the brand's commercial mission: the Delhaize team does everything they can to put people and nature first and foremost.


Delhaize has been using Publitas to publish its flyers online for several years.

We're sharing this story because it can be insightful to hear from Brian (Delhaize) how he experienced the cooperation with Publitas so far and how we've supported improving the results of their online flyers.

The latest project we did includes an experiment with horizontal vs. vertical scroll. Preliminary results are shown here:

Short interview with Brian Waterschoot

E-shop Manager at Delhaize

Why are you using online flyers?"The flyer is a good traffic generator and is amongst our top ten most visited pages every week. We share the flyer on our website, app, and MyShopi."

(MyShopi is a Belgian shopping platform where shoppers can find all the most recent promotions.)

Delhaize has been using Publitas for several years. What's new about this project? "Our usual publication is the weekly offline flyer, which we publish online. For this project, we ran an experiment to focus on an eCommerce-only assortment using vertical scroll."

How has your business benefited by using online flyers? "One of our main focus points has been to improve the conversion of our flyers. Publitas has in the past provided great technical support to improve the add-to-cart feature on our online flyer, both front-end and back-end, in close collaboration with our webmasters and developers."

"The test with the new flyer, showing an online-exclusive assortment with dynamic ads and a vertical instead of horizontal scroll, is also an excellent example of how Publitas continues to challenge the status quo and meet specific customer KPI's. In our case, hard conversions (add to carts)."

How satisfied are you with Publitas, and what stands out for you when working with Publitas? "Overall we are satisfied. What stands out is the can-do mentality and collaborative approach. Our customer success manager always thinks along with us. She tries to support us and meet our needs and expectations. Publitas provides technical support and proposes new features that support our main KPIs."

How well is the online flyer received by your audience? "Our online flyer is in our top ten of most frequented pages. Offline as well as online customers find it a pleasing way to browse through promotions. In particular, we have noticed customers also like to look at which promotions will be live in the following commercial week."

How does the flyer compare to your online store?"The flyer is mainly there to create awareness, and as it attracts both an online and offline audience the conversion is lower than our webshop. The user intent is different. People who consult our flyer are, in most cases, not yet ready to buy. Nonetheless, it’s still worth improving conversion where possible."

How well does our service meet your company's needs?"Publitas continues to develop the online flyer proposition. Last year we saw a shift from merely uploading a PDF version of the offline flyer to a more dynamic format taking advantage of digital. Our online flyers can now include eCommerce-specific promotions, dynamic design elements, and even videos."

"Additionally, Publitas is testing several new features with their partners, allowing their entire portfolio to benefit from such findings."

Would you recommend Publitas, and why?"Overall: Yes. Publitas is a great partner with excellent know-how in their field. They align their support with your company goals and are a true partner in achieving them."

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