Like how Mana Up uses online publications?

We can help you publish your own brochures, flyers, magazines and catalogs online.

  • Add a new channel to your marketing mix.

  • Deliver an immersive and shoppable experience across marketing channels.

  • Help people discover your brand and everything you've got to offer.

  • Gain insights in how your publications are being read.

In short, we can help you increase reach and engage with your audience. Feel free to start a 14-day free trial. Or, if you want to know more, read through this page and schedule a call with Krista below.

Ikea, Metro, Aldi, Dunelm, and Pottery Barn are among the 1500 companies who are using Publitas. Click logos below for examples.

Product layer in an online catalog on tablet.

Want to know a bit more about our services before getting in touch? Here are some more details.

We create interactive & shoppable online catalogs that can be easily distributed. This enables you to easily share your brand’s shopping experience on all your marketing and online channels other than your online store.

  • Product overlay. Improve the shopping experience by providing extra product details inside the catalog.

  • Shopping cart. Streamline the customer journey by allowing shoppers to add products to the cart directly from the catalog.

Produce relevant & personalized content faster.

With Dynamic Content, you can quickly and easily populate a template with products from your feed.

  • Bring down costs and publish more frequently.

  • Keep your content relevant and up-to-date.

  • Make use of real-time personalization.

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Catalog on mobile phone, products populated from database.

Gain actionable insights.

The catalog is a top-of-funnel data gold mine. Leverage this data on other marketing channels and improve your catalogs.

Gain insights from our ready-to-use Google Analytics dashboards.

Connect the catalog to your DMP to enrich shopper profiles.

Easily connect with third-party analytics tools such as Adobe Analytics.

Sit back, grab a coffee and hear what Publitas can do for you.

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