Customer Case: Formido

Foto Lisanne Redczus

Interview with Lisanne Redczus.

Lisanne Redczus is E-Commerce Manager at Formido, a do-it-yourself specialist in the Netherlands with high quality, inspiring decoration items and offerings from popular brands. The company launched its online store late 2012, enabling shoppers to browse through and purchase any of the 7,000 products from their online offering. Lisanne and her team were previously using another tool to publish Formido's catalogs online. Since switching to Publitas, they've been able to offer a more engaging shopping experience through Formido's catalogs while cutting down on production time.

Why does Formido distribute print catalogs? “The print catalog is still highly valued in the eyes of our customers, so we distribute them on a weekly or biweekly basis. When customers receive the print catalog, they come visit our stores to benefit from the deals and promotions listed in the catalog. For us, the print catalog increases brand exposure and thereby helps us maintain our market share.”

Why did you decide to publish your catalogs online? “We wanted to extend the same benefits of our print catalogs online: creating brand exposure online and driving traffic to our online store. Reusing our print catalogs for online use is a great way to achieve these goals. Compared to the print version, digital publications are fast, easy to flip through, and have an even larger reach. The digital catalog is easy to find, both on our website as well as on affiliate sites.”

How do digital catalogs compare to an online store? "The digital catalog is easy and fast to browse through, so it enables the customer to quickly view all our deals and promotions as well as to directly place a order. In our online store we highlight a few of our offers, but we can't display all deals in one overview. For us, that's the added benefit of having digital catalogs compared to an online store."

Why did you choose Publitas? "Before Publitas we were using another tool to digitize our print catalogs. One of the reasons we decided to switch was because it's easy to add links to the products in our publications using the product feed from our online store. Additionally, Publitas enables us to display extra product information in the digital catalog, upsell other products, and customize the mouse-over texts of each hotspot."

"Compared to our previous tool we find that Publitas is more user-friendly and that the digital catalogs load faster. Last but not least, your support team is easy to reach, suggestions for improvements are handled quickly, and you're constantly adding new features."

What results did you get? "Using Publitas to publish our catalogs online has enabled us to reach more people, and it has also helped us sell our products directly from the catalog. If a customer wants to order a product, they can easily move from intention to purchase thanks to our digital catalogs. Furthermore, by connecting our online store's product feed to Publitas, we've saved a lot of time in making our catalogs shoppable."

Here's how you can get similar results.

Tag products with hotspots to make your publications shoppable.

With Publitas it’s easy to tag the products in your digital publication with 'hotspots'. This makes your publication shoppable and will allow your customers to click on products to get more information such as product descriptions, prices, images and videos. If your customers like what they see, it’s easy for them to continue their shopping journey on your online store, directly on the relevant product.

Product hotspot in Formido online catalog
Online catalog linked from Formido homepage.

Link to your digital publication on your homepage for extra exposure.

A trend we’re seeing with all of our successful customers; they link to their digital catalog on their homepage to increase its visibility. This way, website visitors can browse the catalog to see what new products and deals are available before checking out the online store.

Extend your brand to your digital publications.

Customize the look and feel of your publications by adding your logo, a background, and a favicon. Formido has done a really great job in branding their online catalogs. For more details on how branding works in Publitas, check out this post.

Formido online catalog with custom background and logo
Formido online catalog linked from newsletter.

Use your newsletter to showcase your publication.

Email newsletters are a great way to increase traffic to your digital publications. On average, about one-fifth of visits to digital publications come from email newsletters, which is a significant chunk of any retailer's traffic. On the left you can see how Formido links to their digital catalog from the newsletter.

Share your publications on social media.

Formido shares all of their publications on Facebook and Twitter. This way they keep their social following engaged while also driving more traffic to their online store.

Formido online catalog getting shared on Facebook.

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