Winning Another Award, a Bittersweet Victory


The Team Celebrates Award.

Celebrating our latest award. We are proud to announce that we have won the White Bull Bully Award 2011, a leading European award for technology companies.

Let me start by saying that we competed and worked incredibly hard for this award. For three consecutive days I gave several keynotes and explained to countless leading international entrepreneurs as well as investors (including Google, SAP and many more), what we do and have achieved together. I can tell you that their unanimous reaction has been one of great admiration. Not only have we managed to develop a product that delivers great results, but we’ve also succeeded in attracting leading companies and achieving staggering satisfaction amongst our customers.

However, winning this award has not been about luck, keynotes or pitches. In the last couple of years Publitas has grown from a vision of its founders to a real company with the best team I have worked with to date. Our team’s skills, dedication and passion as well as our fantastic customers have taken Publitas from an idea to real products and the building of a company. It is a culmination of these dynamics that have led us to win this award.

One hour after receiving this award we heard about the passing of Steve Jobs. I must admit to experiencing ambiguous feelings, euphoria and loss at the same time. With the passing of Steve the world has lost a great person, a remarkable leader and above all an inspiration for challenging the status quo. His vision and company have inspired us countless times to change, try harder and do better.

In the coming months and years, we will also keep challenging the status quo. Not only by reinventing our products and brand, but by challenging ourselves and using all our skills, dedication and passion - as individuals and as a team - to create a new and better Publitas than ever before. By doing so I not only believe that this award will be one of many to follow, but that we will have the chance to honor a great person, to make our contribution to this world and perhaps to put a dent in the universe.

Thank you all.

Guillermo Sanchez

Steve Jobs

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