Product Update: Improved Publication Embed

Feb 16, 2015 by Joost Buijs

Example embedded online publication

First impressions count, and that holds especially true for your embedded publications. We thought we could do a better job in how your publications are displayed when embedded on a site, so we decided to have a go and make some improvements. Here's what has changed.

Update 08-09-2015:
New embed code updates are available. Read more.

Clean, simple embed

With our improved embed code we’ve made sure your publication takes center stage. It makes better use of the available space on your site and will fit better on any webpage.

In short, with this new embed we’ve:
  • Removed the menu bar
  • Made the background transparent
  • Added an “open” button to view the publication in full browser size
  • Disabled any branding options (e.g. background and logo) in the embedded view

Check out this example here:

The new embed code can be easily obtained by clicking on the Get URL button, just like you’re used to. Simply copy the code and then paste it into the HTML of your web page.

The new embed code of Publitas online publications available through get URL.
Copying the new embed code from the Get URL dialog.

We advise you to change the width and the height of the embed code so it fits the design of your site.

Note: Existing embedded publications have not changed due to this update. The changes will only become visible once you use the new embed code.

Why we disabled branding options in the new embed

Our branding options allow you to change the background of the viewer as well as to add a logo. This looks great if people open your publication in a new window, but when you embed the publication in your website, the branding will not add anything to the reader's experience. For example, you’ve already added a logo to your website, so suddenly you’re looking at two logos. This resulted in a lot of our customers to forego any branding options and simply embed the publication as is.

With the new embed we’ve decided not to display any of the branding options. This means that people will see your branding only when they open the direct link to your publication or view the publication fullscreen, but not when they view an embedded publication on your website.

But I like the old embed with the menu bar!

No worries, our old embed code still works. If you’d like to get the old embed code for your publication, simply click Get URL, just like you would for the new embed code. Then copy the embed code and paste it into your site, but remove the line “onload=...” from the code.


title="Example - Gaastra - Gaasta Fall/Winter EN 2014"
style="display:block; background:transparent"
frameborder="0" allowfullscreen

onload='(function (f,w) { var d; function l (e){ if(e.source == f.contentWindow && (d = JSON.parse( { new Function("frame","parent",d)(f,w) } }; w.attachEvent ? w.attachEvent("onmessage", l) : w.addEventListener("message",l, false); setTimeout(function () { f.contentWindow.postMessage("[\"embed\", \"embedded\"]","*") }) })(this, window)'

Yellow: the code that needs to be removed if you like the old embed style.

Please let us know what you think about the new embed code and feel free to leave your comments below.

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