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Kimbino and Publitas: Innovating Leaflet Creation & Distribution

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Kimbino and Publitas Forge Partnership towards Innovative Digital Retail Leaflet Creation and Distribution.

Unveiling a Seamless, Sustainable Shopping Experience Through Digital Innovation that brings Higher Value for Retailers.

Slovakia, 9. October 2023 – Kimbino, a global platform for digital leaflet publishing, is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Publitas, a known platform for digital leaflet creation. This partnership is set to seamlessly connect the way leaflets are created and distributed, aiming to offer a more efficient and engaging shopping experience for consumers and retailers alike.

With the surge in digital shopping and a growing preference for sustainable alternatives, the need for innovative solutions in the retail sector is more pronounced than ever. Kimbino and Publitas, both prominent players in their respective domains, have joined forces to bridge the gap and meet the evolving demands of the retail industry.

Streamlining Leaflet Creation and Distribution

The collaboration between Kimbino and Publitas is poised to transform the leaflet publishing landscape. Publitas’ state-of-the-art leaflet creation tool, renowned for its intuitive interface and dynamic features, will seamlessly integrate with Kimbino’s digital publishing platform. This integration will empower retailers to efficiently create, manage, and publish engaging leaflets in a user-friendly environment.

Retailers will benefit from an enhanced leaflet creation process, allowing for customization, real-time updates, and dynamic content. The collaboration aims to provide retailers with the tools needed to create visually appealing and informative leaflets that resonate with their target audience, resulting in increased engagement and ultimately driving foot traffic and sales.

“It is so easy — make your own leaflet with Publitas and publish it immediately on Kimbino websites, its partner’s leaflet network, and the Kimbino app. Thanks to the API connection, retailers and their offers can reach new customers as easily and fast as possible; no more steps are needed. Multiply your reach and leaflet views,” said Product Marketing Manager for Kimbino, Jaroslava Huljaková. 

Empowering Retailers, Delighting Consumers

Kimbino’s commitment to sustainability aligns with Publitas’ values, making this collaboration a perfect match. By leveraging digital platforms for leaflet distribution, retailers can significantly reduce their ecological footprint by minimizing paper usage and waste. Consumers can access digital leaflets conveniently from various devices, contributing to a more eco-conscious shopping experience.

The collaboration between Kimbino and Publitas represents a step forward in the evolution of retail communication, offering a win-win situation for both retailers and consumers. Through this technological partnership, Kimbino and Publitas are aiming to fast-track the embracement of a new era in leaflet publishing for retailers.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:
Jaroslava Huljaková, Kimbino Product Marketing Manager

About Kimbino:

Kimbino is one of the most visited user-friendly platforms, aggregating, publishing and distributing the newest leaflets, catalogs and promotional offers of thousands of retailers. Actively covering 40+ countries in Europe, LatAm, North America, and growing. Users are actively visiting Kimbino websites to search for the most convenient offers, and are discovering offers from a wide variety of shops. Kimbino is also available as an APP for all major mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, HarmonyOS).

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About Publitas:

Publitas is a B2B SaaS platform that enables businesses to unlock fresh audiences and provide seamless shopping experiences for their customers through discovery commerce, digital catalogs, and other shoppable media. The user-friendly platform enables brands to create interactive and engaging online shopping journeys that inspire visitors and drive sales.