~ 50% of online shoppers are just browsing.

Browsing shoppers don't know exactly what they want. They're looking for inspiration and discovery.

Engaging with them we call Discovery Marketing.

Set up a new shopping channel that engages browsing shoppers. Help shoppers discover what they love. Sell more.

Catalogs can be the best expression of your brand.

Our solution is easy to integrate with your website and allows for a desktop and mobile shopping experience that shows off your catalogs in the best possible way, guiding your customers from inspiration to purchase.

Catalog displayed on iPad.

"We were looking for a way to translate our heritage marketing catalog to a new digital format. The Publitas system made content more engaging by allowing us to tie our photography to video and other multimedia content, creating richer, more dimensional storytelling for our readers.”

Photo of Karima Ridgley

Karima Ridgley
Chief Marketing and Digital Commerce Officer at Paper Source

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Product layer in an online catalog on tablet.

Turn shoppers into buyers.

Online catalogs are easily distributed throughout your marketing channels. With Publitas Enterprise, these catalogs become interactive & shoppable. This enables you to easily share your brand’s shopping experience on online channels other than your online store.

  • Product overlay. Improve the shopping experience by providing extra product details inside the catalog.

  • Shopping cart. Streamline the customer journey by allowing shoppers to add products to the cart directly from the catalog.

Increase the relevance of your flyers with personalized promotions.

Use dynamic flyers to show the right products, to the right shoppers, at the right time and get happier customers that buy more.

  • Increased relevancy

    Dynamic flyers are tailored to your customers’ demands in real-time.

  • Publish more frequently

    Dynamic flyers are automatically generated from your product inventory.

  • Real-time and always up-to-date

    Show the latest prices with real-time ecommerce sync and automatically replace out-of-stock products with other products from your inventory.

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Dynamic personalized products in an online catalog shown on iPhone.

"We are continually trying to personalize the shopping experience for our consumers. To tackle this, we use a Dynamic flyer. A data capture system has been set up in collaboration with Publitas. As we collect data, we get to know our clients ever-better. We can serve up personalized content and continuously improve the customer experience.”

Photo of Janneke Bongartz

Janneke Bongartz
Marketing Manager at Plein.nl

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Collage of lifestyle and product images.

Online catalogs yield up to 308% higher conversion than other channels.

With online catalogs we have seen record high customer engagement and sales and we're reaching a wider audience who otherwise wouldn’t receive our catalog."

Photo of Ursula Milan

Ursula Milan
E-Commerce Technology
The Museum of Modern Art

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MoMA catalog cover shown on iPhone.

Online catalogs worth checking out.

Publitas is the best way to serve inspirational content in the form of catalogs, lookbooks, magazines, brochures, weekly ads, and flyers.

Save time with our state-of-the-art editor.

Our editor makes everything easy, from enhancing your catalog with clickable areas to managing multiple brands and languages.

  • Add interactivity in an instant.

    Anything from videos to animated gifs takes just seconds to add.

  • Easily add, remove, or update pages.

    Our platform is flexible. There's no need to worry and redo all your work.

  • Save time with duplication and batch tools.

    Have repeating sections or multiple regional variations? Our batch tools have got you covered.

A crazy fast & reliable platform.

Catalogs published with Publitas are used by millions of people each month from all over the world. We can handle the load.

Map of the world showing where people shop from catalogs hosted by Publitas.


Uptime in the last 12 months.


Monthly readers.


Monthly page views.

Get all the help you need.

Publitas employee holding MacBook.

Save Money, Save the Environment.

The online catalog can contribute to your sustainability goals while also saving costs on print catalog production.

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